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  1. Consignment, which is going to fly on e-Cargo rules, has to have a special handling code.
  2. EAW status – e-AWB without paper documents.
  3. EAP status – e-AWB with paper documents attached (e.g. Certificate of Origin).
  4. Agents sending goods on e-cargo rules have to have a possibility to send FWB/FHL messages using their in-house or provided (on software. They have to also have a possibility to receive returned message, which either confirms receiving of goods to transport or rejects them – e.g.  by virtue of  incorrectnesses in sending data.
  5. Agents, when sending consignments, are obliged to be concerned with the quality and correctness of sending via FWB/FHL data. All required fields have to be filled correctly. All adjustments are possible to make until the carrier sends message, which confirms receiving goods.
  6. The condition of correct settlement of all e-AWB in that month is inscribing in Account  Date system and give full routing.
  7. The consignment should not be load on the airplane board, unless FWB and RCS messages are sent correctly.
  8. After implementation of e-cargo rules, undermentioned documents should be done only in electronic form (12 documents):
  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Export Goods Declaration
  • Customs Release Export (Customs Delivery Note)
  • House Manifest (Freight Manifest)
  • (Master) Air Waybill
  • House Waybill
  • Export Cargo Declaration (Departure) – Freight Declaration
  • Flight (Cargo) Manifest
  • Import Cargo Declaration (arrival)
  • Import Goods Declaration
  • Customs Release Import

Please read our E-cargo handbook:E-cargo handbook - short versionOpen in new window

E-cargo handbook - full versionOpen in new window