Shipping insurance

Shipping Insurance

The principles of shipments covered by LOT Polish Airlines AWBs 080:

Cargo and Mail Bureau at LOT Polish Airlines and TUiR Warta S.A. have been offering transport insurance since 2003. Insured goods are shipments transported on air waybill with prefix 080. The basic insurance rules are published in an issue of TACT Rules and the overall agreement is available at Cargo and Mail Bureau Head office.

The basis for premium calculation is the value of the shipment declared by sender and placed on air waybill. Insurance premium is calculated according to below rates (%):

AREA   1A  1B  1C  2  3  4
 1A  0,10  0,12  0,15  0,25  0,25   0,35
 1B  0,12  0,15  0,15  0,25  0,25   0,35
 1C  0,15  0,15  0,15  0,25  0,25   0,35
 2  0,25  0,25  0,25  0,15  0,30  0,35
 3  0,25  0,25  0,25  0,30  0,30  0,35
 4  0,25  0,25  0,25  0,35  0,35  0,45

Area determination:

AREA 1A: Poland

AREA 1B: Countries of EU

AREA 1C: Other European countries with exception of former USSR countries, Turkey, Canary Islands

AREA 2: USA, Canada, Mexico (only continent)

AREA 3: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea

AREA 4: Former USSR countries, Turkey, Canary Islands and other countries 

Goods which are a subject to special insurance conditions:
  • cars and motorcycles
  • home equipment
  • perishable loads
  • platinum, gold, silver 
  • precious stones and semi-precious stones
  • data carriers
  • works of art and goods of particular collectors value
  • dangerous goods
  • live stock


According to the insurance agreement signed by Cargo and Mail Bureau and TUiR Warta S.A., an agent, who insures the shipment on Client's request, writes the insured amount in the "Amount of Insurance" box of the AWB.

This amount should correspond to the commercial invoice or the trade value or cost of production plus freight, storage and insurance charges.

Amount of insurance for used machinery, vehicles or household goods should be actual cash value plus additional costs as above.


Maximum value declared for insurance can not exceed 1 920 000 PLN (or equivalent in other currency)

Under prior written authorization from the insurer, this amount may be exceeded if requested at least two days before the transportation. For further information, please contact us on:

The bottom line for compensation is 19 200 000 PLN for one case. 


The minimum insurance premium is 60.00 PLN (or equivalent in other currency)


An Insurance Certificate can be issued on Client's request by LOT Cargo supervisor on duty. The certificate confirms that goods have been insured.

Extract from the Goods in Transport Insurance Agreement