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Did you know, that...

  • Each ton of aviation fuel is 3.15 tons of CO2.
  • A plastic bottle left in the forest will take 500 years to decompose, chewing gum 5 years and cigarette butts 2 years.
  • To produce a ton of paper an average of 17 trees need to be cut down.
  • If every person in Poland throws away only one glass jar 10 thousand tons of glass end up in Polish landfills.
  • 1 litre of used engine oil poured into a river or sewage system is capable of polluting 1 million litres of water.
  • English scientists have calculated that the volume of PET bottles thrown away in one year would make a tower 28 million kilometres high, which is73 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.
  • Each glass bottle put back into circulation allows for enough energy savings for a 100 watt bulb to shine for 4 hours.
  • Because of Global warming, the coastal terrain of Great Britain may find itself underwater by 2050.
  • One hectare of leafy forest can produce about 700 kg of oxygen, which is the amount needed in a day by 2500 people.
  • 90% of florescent bulbs can be recycled