The new face of business class

Sky restaurant

Experience has shown that it is not only the flavours of our meals that matter to long-distance business travellers, but also when it is served and how long it lasts. This is why we let you choose one of three service options after takeoff.

Classic service

similar to restaurant service The meals are served beginning with an appetizer, a main dish and a cheese plate, and finally a delightful desert or a portion of fresh fruit.

Quick service

perfect for travellers who wish to take advantage of flight time to work or relax. Passengers receive a meal on a tray with a cheese plate on request.

On-demand service

this final option allows passengers to eat when they choose. The mealtime depends on them.

At the end of the first service – as it is customary in better restaurants – is a digestif of Soplica Polish cherry liqueur in a special glass. To complement the second service, we offer a divine chocolate-covered cherry by the Mieszko Company.

An individual approach to our client

Thousands of passengers board our aircraft every day. Each of them is different, with varied needs. That is why it is our aim to approach each client as an individual, thanks to which we can meet their needs, which is why travelling with LOT is such a genuine pleasure.

Dedicated telephone line

Everyone likes to be treated with an individual approach. That is why our passengers can count on being treated with special care – even before their trip. This is thanks to our dedicated telephone line. We are waiting for your call at 0 801 703 703 for stationary telephones and 22 19 572 for mobile phones.

We have prepared a special routing system for our Premium Customers through which they are connected to a consultant who already knows their name.

Elite Fleet

Elite Fleet – cabin crew personnel trained especially for you. We have already completed 7768 hours of training. Feel the luxury – the first graduates of our university are on board now!

Comfort and luxury

A free seat for your comfort

By choosing business on short-range flights (European connections) you can count on having a free seat next to you, which makes it easier to work and ensures extra comfort on your flight.

New look on board

Our new on-board materials use new visual motifs presenting symbols of Poland including the national stadium, Frederic Chopin, the Siren of Warsaw, Wawel Castle, and the crane symbol of LOT Polish Airlines.

The fresh new graphic imagery is in line with the latest trends, combining national symbols with contemporary elements and a modern style of expression.

The new graphics will appear in printed materials (boarding cards, baggage claim checks, menus, etc.) as well as in elements of cabin furnishings such as pillows, blankets, and cosmetic sachets.