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My Extra Baggage

Why should you be limited with your baggage? 
Pay earlier online and save up to 20%!
  • For internantional and domestic flights My Extra Baggage service can be booked up to 12 hours before departure. 
  • For intercontinental flights My Extra Baggage service can be booked up to 24 hours before departure.
  • For items which exceed the standard dimensions (over 23 kg or the sum of all height, width an depth exceeds 158 cm), please contact our Call Centre or LOT Offices up to 24 hours before departure. Check excess baggage prices.
  • For this kind of non-standard baggage 20% discount does not apply. Check excess baggage prices.
  • My Extra Baggage service is available on, via our Call Centre, Travel Agents and LOT Ticketing Offices.
  • With My Extra Baggage service, you will receive 20% discount from the below price list.

Additional piece of baggage - not included in a ticket price (accordind to a tariff)
Baggage/dimensions Domestic flights International flights Intercontinental flights To/from China

Additional piece

(max. 23 kg and 158 cm)

170 PLN*
40 EUR*
50 CAD*
50 USD*

290 PLN
70 EUR
90 CAD
90 USD

620 PLN
150 EUR
200 CAD
200 USD

Except if second piece in
Economy Compartment
to/from USA/Canada

320 PLN
75 EUR
100 CAD
100 USD

480 PLN

100 EUR
150 CAD
150 USD

*To the price of an excess baggage on domestic flights there is an extra charge 8% VAT.

Order My Extra Baggage service 

Not sure if your baggage fits the limits? Check here!