Dear Sirs,

Cargo and Mail Bureau of LOT Polish Airlines offers training classes based on IATA programmes.

Our classes include:

Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - rules and possibilities of transport of dangerous goods.

A participant of this course receives a certificate, which allows her/him to handle dangerous goods in the airfreight industry.

Courses are held by a qualified Cargo and Mail Bureau personnel.  DGR course fulfills the new EASA-OPS requirements and is endorsed by Polish Civil Aviation Authority. 

Each course ends with a final test. Participants passing the final test, receive signed certificates.

Timetable of trainings for 2014:


26 – 30  January                (basic)

20 - 24  April                     (basic)

18 – 22  May                     (basic)

21 – 23  September            (refresher)

19 – 23  October                (basic)

16 – 18  November              (refresher)


course length: 5 days - Basic Course; 3 days - Refresher Course

If it's needed, LOT Polish Airlines can organize an additional DGR cat. 6 training.

It is also possibe to change Basic Training into Refresher if it is requested by the participants.

On client’s request, LOT Polish Airlines can organize DGR courses adjusted to warehouse and ramp handling requirements.

This year we also have a special offer: 50% discount for the second person declared by a Company. 

For additional information please contact us on:
+48 22 606 81 62 ; +48 22 606 80 10

Bank account for the payment for the course:

PLL LOT S.A ul. 17 Stycznia 39, 00-906 Warszawa 
Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. 
Oddział ul. Senatorska 16, 00-923 Warszawa
bank account number:  86103015080000000500390093
payment description: „opłata za szkolenie DGR"