Terms and conditions of on-line services provided by PLL LOT S.A.

§ 1

These Regulations for the Electronic Provision of Services (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations") define principles of use of the Services rendered by Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. (“the Service Provider ") seated in Warsaw, ul.17 Stycznia 43, (02-146 Warsaw), entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Economic Department of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000056844, NIP (tax identification number) 522-000-23-34 and share capital of 62 430 548,32 PLN (fully paid up), hereinafter referred to as “PLL LOT".

The Regulations are available through the websites owned by PLL LOT at http://www.lot.com/pl/en/e-service under tag called Regulations (Regulacje).

These Regulations are regulations within the meaning of article 8 of the Act on Electronic Provision of Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws no 144, item 1204).

These Regulations have a nature of an agreement between PLL LOT and the Service Receiver and define the legal basis for electronic provision of the Services, and at the same time they oblige the Service Receiver to comply with them.

§ 2 [Definitions]

Service Provider– Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. seated in Warsaw, ul.17 Stycznia 43, (02-146 Warsaw), Site – the Web site at www.lot.com, through which the Service Receiver may use the services provided electronically by PLL LOT;

Service Receiver – means an individual, legal entity or an organisational unit without the status of a legal entity that has been granted legal capacity by law, who or which uses the Site in order to make use of Services provided electronically by PLL LOT.

Services– Services provided electronically through the Site by PLL LOT, listed in art. 3 of these Regulations.

§ 3 [Entering into and terminating an agreement on e-Services]

  1. The Service Receiver may use Services referred to in § 3 of the Regulations through the Site, provided that the technical requirements referred to in § 4 item 1 of the Regulations are fulfilled.
  2. The Services referred to in § 3 of the Regulations may be used provided that the Service Receiver accepts these Regulations through clicking the check box next to the message: “I have read and I accept the Regulations for Electronic Provision of Services by PLL LOT S.A.” and he/she enters user data (including personal data) necessary for a provisions of a service concerned and accepts the above mentioned activities by pressing a respective button that means an approval.
  3. The agreement on electronic provisions of services is concluded upon accomplishment of activities referred to in item 2.
  4. The Service Receiver is entitled to a free of charge access to the services listed in § 3 of these Regulations provided that upon entering into an agreement on selected Service(s) to be provided, the Service Receiver is to be obliged to pay the price for the Service(s) if it is/they are chargeable.
  5. The Service Receiver may any time resign from the Service which requires an introduction of the user’s data (including personal data), through an activation of a website address used for automatic deletion from such service, subject to the provisions of clauses 7 and 8 of appendix no 1 “Terms and Conditions of e-Ticket purchase”.

§ 4 [LOT’s e-Services]

  1. PLL LOT provides the following Services through the Site: www.lot.com (“e-Services"):
    • entering into air transportation agreements by means of websites, through a purchase of electronic air ticket,
    • access to the websites of third parties that makes it possible to enter into agreements concerning services provided by such entities,
    • providing access to passenger services related to an air travel,
    • providing information on the timetable of PLL LOT’s flights,
    • notifying on PLL LOT’s current promotions and offers,
    • e-mail newsletters,
    • providing the Service Receiver’s individual profile on the Site www.lot.com.
  2. All information, data and materials that are made available on the Site (including, but not limited to names, logos, timetables and pricelists of flights, as well as selected colours and setup of the Website and other intangible property rights related to the contents of the websites belong to PLL LOT or entities, with which respective agreements have been concluded by PLL LOT and protected with copyrights, trademark rights, database rights or other intellectual property rights.
  3. The Service Receiver is not allowed to use the resources of the Site to pursue any type of business activity on the basis of information and tools included on the Site. All other means of reproduction or use of information, data and materials from the Site or the colours or setup of the Sites is forbidden without a prior written consent of PLL LOT.
  4. The principles of purchase of e-tickets are defined in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase of e-Tickets attached in Appendix no 1 hereto.

§ 5 [Technical conditions of use of the Service]

  1. Correct use of the Site and use of PLL LOT’s e-Services is possible if the Service Receiver’s IT system fulfils the respective minimum technical requirements:
    • use of Mozilla Firefox 3.x+ or Internet Explorer 7.0+ or more recent search engines with installed software handling Java Script and Java aplets,
    • in certain cases use of Flash 4 software or more recent version, Quicktime, Acrobat Reader or decompression software,
    • possessing a valid, active and correctly configured e-mail account.
  2. The website’s resolution is optimised to 1024 x 768.
  3. PLL LOT shall not be held responsible for technical programmes or technical restrictions in the computer hardware used by the Service Receiver, if such hardware prevents the Service Receiver from using the Services referred to in § 2 item 1.
  4. When the Service Receiver uses the Site, cookie are installed in his/her IT system.
  5. The use of the Site is possible provided that cookies may be installed.

§ 6 [Liability]

    1. It is forbidden to use the PLL LOT’s Site (included the e-Services), for the purposes that violate applicable legislation, the provisions of these Regulations or good practices.
    2. PLL LOT has the right to stop access to the Services or terminate the Agreement if the Service Receiver:
      • use of Mozilla Firefox 3.x+ or Internet Explorer 7.0+ or more recent search engines with installed software handling Java Script and Java aplets,
      • uses Services in the manner contradictory to their purpose or occasioning losses to third parties;
      • violates applicable legislation, the provisions of these Regulations or good practices.

The Service Receiver shall be fully liable for damages resulting from acts contradictory to the provisions of these Regulations.

  1. PLL LOT shall not be held liable if the Service Receiver uses the Site contrary to the provisions of these Regulations and for consequences of the decisions made on the basis of the contents published on the Site.
  2. PLL LOT shall not be held liable for selection of subjects, accuracy, completeness or quality of information provided by third parties. It is not possible to lodge claims against PLL LOT due to any material or non-material damages suffered in result of use or a failure to use such information, provided that there was no negligence or mispresentation of such contents on the side of PLL LOT.
  3. In case of any unauthorised use of the Site and the Services, PLL LOT reserves the right to undertake all necessary measures, including litigation without a respective notification of the Service Receiver.

§ 7 [Personal data protection]

    1. LOT Polish Airlines are the administrator of the Service Receiver’s personal data within the meaning of the provisions of the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002, no 101, item 926 as amended). Users’ personal data are processed under appropriate security measures that comply with the requirements of the Polish legislation.
    2. The Service Receiver’s personal data are processed only for the purposes related to the provision of selected Services and may be made available to other entities cooperating with PLL LOT in relation to the provision of such Services.
    3. The Service Provider may process the following personal data of the Service Receiver, if it is necessary for the purpose of entering into, determining the contents of, amending or termination a legal relationship:
      • Service Receiver’s names and surname,
      • PESEL (national identification number) and if a person has no PESEL number, number of passport, identity document or another document that may confirm person’s identity,
      • permanent legal address of residence,
      • correspondence address, if different than the permanent legal address of residence,
      • data aimed at verification of the Service Receiver’s electronic signature,
      • the Service Receiver’s e-mail addresses.

The Service Provider may processes other personal data of the Service Receiver, if they are necessary because of the nature of the provided Service or the way of its settlement. Such data shall be properly highlighted and marked and a refusal to provide them entails the Service Provider’s refusal to provide a given Service.

  1. Selected personal data are provided by the Service Receiver voluntarily, but such provision is necessary for a given Service to be provided.
  2. The Service Receiver has a right to check and correct his/her personal data.
  3. The Service Receiver may agree on receiving advertising and commercial information (“commercial information”) through the means of electronic communication from Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. seated in Warsaw, ul. 17 Stycznia 43. Such consent is to be granted by the Service Receiver through marking of a respective option at www.lot.com.
    The Service Receiver may resign from receipts of the above commercial information any time through an activation of a respective Internet address.
  4. The Service Provider is entitled to disclose personal data of Service Receivers to the entities authorised by the applicable legal provisions only.
  5. The Service Provider is obliged to provide the Service Receiver with a permanent and easy access – through the IT system – to the current information concerning:
    • technical means that are made available by the Service Provider in order to prevent from unauthorised collection or modification of electronically provided personal data,
    • the entity that is entrusted with personal data processing by the Service Provider, the scope of such personal data and intended date of data transfer.

§ 8 [Complaints]

  1. All complaints about e-Services provided by PLL LOT should be lodged at e-mail address: problemy_techniczne@lot.pl or via post to Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.
    Ul. 17 Stycznia 43
    02-146 Warsaw
    Within 7 days from a disclosure of the reasons of such compliant.
  2. Only complaints in Polish or English are to be examined.
  3. A compliant should contain the following personal data of the Service Receiver who is lodging a compliant:
    • name and surname,
    • address of residence and correspondence address,
    • e-mail address,
    • subject of complaint,
    • detailed description of the Service subject to complaint,
    • reason of complaint.
  4. Complaints resulting from insufficient knowledge of the Regulations or legal provisions, and complaints containing incorrect or incomplete data required in item 3 above, as well as complaints with obscene or insulting words shall not be examined.
  5. Complaints shall be examined by PLL LOT within 21 working days from a delivery of a complaint.
  6. The complaining person shall be informed on the way in which a complaint is examined in the way in which such complaint has been lodged, to the correspondence address or e-mail address specified in a complaint.


  1. PLL LOT has a right to refuse sales of e-Ticket if the Service Receiver violates the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. PLL LOT reserves a right to unilateral amendments of the contents of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Issues that are not regulated in these Regulations shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws 64.16.93 as amended) and the Act on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damage Caused by a Dangerous Product of 2 March 2000, except articles 7, 9 and article 12 item 1 of this Act
  4. PLL LOT shall not be held liable for damages suffered by the Service Receiver in results of a failure to make an air journey due to strikes of airline employees, airport employees or force majeure.
  5. Complaints shall be examined by PLL LOT within 21 working days from a delivery of a complaint.
  6. All disputes resulting from electronic provision of Services by PLL LOT shall be solved by the courts of general jurisdiction.

Annex No. 1 to these Regulations for provision of service by electronic means

Electronic Ticket Purchase Conditions


  • The Annex No. 1 hereto defines the general provisions of the purchase of electronic tickets (the "Conditions") from the Internet Site www.lot.com.
  • Acceptance of the provisions below and familiarity with the fare conditions applying to the connection chosen by the User are a condition of the purchase of electronic tickets through the use of the Internet Site.
  • These Conditions are in character an agreement between LOT Polish Airlines and the User, and define the legal basis of the purchase of electronic air transport tickets, requiring the User to comply with them.
  • Each User is required to comply with these Conditions as of the moment of taking of action intended to purchase an electronic air transport ticket.


  • The seller and the issuer of electronic air transport tickets is LOT Polish Airlines S.A. with a registered office in Warsaw at ul. 17 Stycznia 43 (02-146 Warsaw), registered in the Register of Businesses, conducted by the District Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register as KRS number KRS 0000056844, Tax Identification Number 522-000-23-34, and a share capital of 62 430 548,32 PLN (paid in full).
  • Reservations and transactions are carried out through the Internet Site www.lot.com using the air ticket reservation system, Amadeus.


  • Electronic Air Travel Ticket – (also known as etix®, "Electronic Ticket") means a ticket generated and saved in the reservation system, authorising travel on a given itinerary. The Electronic Ticket and its order number (reservation number) is delivered by electronic mail by the Carrier to the User at the email address indicated by the User during the process of making the reservation for the Electronic Ticket.
  • Price – indicates the pre-tax price of the Electronic Ticket available on the Internet Site. Prices are given in the local currency or in euros depending on the chosen sales market. In accordance with the applicable Regulations of the European Union, all price offers in the EU include all additional charges and airport charges. Markets outside the European Union can present net prices.
  • The Reservation and Electronic Ticket Purchase Module (the "Reservation System") – a tool permitting the User to purchase and search for LOT Polish Airlines domestic and international air connections and those of other Star Alliance partners for any defined pair of cities, and to check prices of those connections and purchase Electronic Tickets. The Reservation and Electronic Ticket Purchase Module is available on the Internet Site www.lot.com (the "Internet Site").
  • Reservation number – indicates the unique number issued by the reservation system at the tome of order of the Electronic Ticket.
  • Service Charge – a transaction charge collected at the issuance of every Electronic Ticket. The amount of this charge depends on the given sales market.
  • Internet Site – Internet service found at the address www.lot.com through the use of which the Service provider has the right to issue Electronic Tickets outside the LOT Polish Airlines sales office network, agents, or other entities providing services on behalf of LOT Polish Airlines.
  • The User – indicates the natural person, legal person, or organisational unit without legal personality that has been granted a legal capacity by law, who is the User of the Internet Site and carries out a purchase of a LOT Polish Airlines Electronic Ticket (the "User").


  • The User hereby declares that he or she has full capacity to perform acts in law, accepting the Conditions stated herein, and takes full financial responsibility for the purchase of the Electronic Ticket.
  • The User ensures that he or she is purchasing the Electronic Ticket exclusively in a manner that complies with applicable laws.
  • The User is prohibited from purchasing Electronic Tickets through the use of false names, or names other than its own, making payment for the Electronic Ticket using false payment cards, without the agreement of the owner of the payment card, by making bank transfers from accounts other than his or her own without the consent of the owner of the account, or any other manner that is in violation of the law.


  • LOT Polish Airlines reserves that the purchase of the Electronic Ticket takes place exclusively at the cost and risk of the User. LOT Polish Airlines does not offer any guarantee that the purchase of the Electronic Ticket will take place without errors, defects, interruptions or the absence of a connection to the Internet Site, or that the results of the search of the Internet will satisfy the User's expectations concerning the substantive value, precision of or the usefulness of the information retrieved.


  • The personal data administrator in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Information, Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 with subsequent amendments) is LOT Polish Airlines. Personal information is stored and processed by LOT Polish Airlines with the use of appropriate security measures, in compliance with the requirements of Polish Law.
  • In the instance of the use of the reservation system on the Internet Site, the User will be asked to provide defined personal information in the aim of properly making the reservation and issuing of the Electronic Ticket.
  • The User will express his or her consent for the processing of his or her personal information by the Personal Data Administrator. The User authorises LOT Polish Airlines to disclose this information to entities working with LOT Polish Airlines in the aim of fulfilling the requirements associated with the purchase of the Electronic Ticket.
  • By accepting the Regulations herein, the User confirms the accuracy of the personal information he or she has provided and in accordance with article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of 29 August 1997.
  • The provision of information is voluntary, but necessary for the purchase of the Electronic Ticket. While the data is being processed, the persons whom that information concerns maintain the right to review the information and to correct it.
  • The User may express consent to receive information of a commercial and advertising nature from LOT Polish Airlines with a registered office in Warsaw at ul. 17 Stycznia 43, including information transferred by electronic means. This consent is given by the User by checking the appropriate option in the user profile creation form www.lot.com.
  • The User may at any time cancel the option of receipt of the abovementioned promotional information by deleting entirely their user profile.
  • The Service Provider is authorized to disclose confidential information concerning Users only in exceptional circumstances, where it is necessary for identification of, interrogation of, or the filing of charges against a User who has caused damage to the rights or property of LOT Polish Airlines, other users of the Internet Site, or other entities on whom these activities may have had an adverse effect. The User's information that allow his or her identification may be disclosed by LOT Polish Airlines if the airline is required to in accordance with the absolute requirements of applicable laws.


  • The proper conduct of the reservation process and the selection of proper itinerary details, along with complete provision of passenger information and acceptance of these terms are necessary conditions for the purchase of Electronic Tickets.
  • The placement and possession of an Electronic Ticket reservation on the Internet Site is synonymous with its purchase.
  • In the aim of completing the purchase of an Electronic Ticket, the User will choose a payment method from those available on the Internet Site:
    • „credit card" or
    • bank transfer (payment by bank transfer is available only in the Polish market).
  • If the default currency of the payment card is not the currency in which the price on the Electronic Ticket is given, the resulting currency conversion calculation and differences in bank exchange rates may result in a payment amount which differs from the price of the Electronic Ticket purchased in accordance with the applicable regulations at the bank from which payment is made.
  • If the price differs significantly from the amount expected, this could be a result of a lack of available seats in the cheapest economy classes.
  • Entry of erroneous credit card information will result in the rejection of the query by the system.
  • At the moment of placement of the reservation, the User states their consent for the system to charge his or her payment card.
  • LOT Polish Airlines reserves the right to refuse the performance of a purchase transaction in the case of a failure to approve the payment card through an appropriate authorization system, transaction-processing firm or bank.
  • Payment by bank transfer is performed automatically during the reservation and purchase process for the Electronic Ticket by connection with the site of the bank at which the User has an Internet account.
  • LOT Polish Airlines does not bear any responsibility for the cancellation of the User's reservations caused by a delay in payment to LOT Polish Airlines.
  • Refund of Electronic Air Travel Tickets
    • The User has the right to return the Electronic Ticket purchased using the Internet Site under the condition that it occurs before the date indicated on the ticket as the departure date and if it is permitted by the fare used applied to the Electronic Air Travel Ticket. Selected promotional fares do not allow any changes to be made to the Electronic Ticket or for the return of Electronic Tickets to the issuer before the commencement of travel, due to which the decision not to travel will result in the complete forfeit of the price of the Electronic Air Travel Ticket.
    • The returned Electronic Ticket (with a note added stating "ticket return") should be sent directly to the email address …@lot.pl..
    • Depending of the form of payment used, the amount due to the User for the returned Electronic Ticket will be sent directly to the User's bank account or to the payment card account of the User within 14 days of the date of receipt by LOT Polish Airlines of the message with the returned Electronic Ticket.
    • The return of Electronic Tickets always results in the forfeiture of the service charge.


  • Refund claims concerning the purchase of Electronic Tickets may be reported to the email address: problemy_techniczne@lot.pl
  • Only refund claims submitted in the English and Polish languages will be processed.
  • Refund claims should contain the following information concerning the person making the claim:
    • first and last name,
    • physical address and correspondence address,
    • the subject of the refund claim,
    • a precise description of the service involved,
    • a precise detailing of the grounds of the refund claim.
  • Refund claims containing incorrect or incomplete information as required above, as well as complaints containing inappropriate or insulting language will not be considered.
  • Refund claims will be processed by LOT Polish Airlines within seven working days from the day of their receipt.
  • The person who submitted the claim will receive information concerning the method of processing of the claim by the same method by which the claim was submitted, at the address given in the claim.


  • LOT Polish Airlines has the right to refuse the sale of an Electronic Ticket should the User violate the provisions of the Conditions.
  • LOT Polish Airlines reserves the right to unilaterally make changes to the contents of the Conditions.
  • In the case of situations not governed by the Conditions, the regulations of the Civil Code of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 64.16.93 with subsequent amendments) and the Act of 2 March 2000 on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and the Liability for Damages Caused by Unsafe Products.
  • LOT Polish Airlines bears no responsibility for damage incurred on the part of the User resulting from the fact of the failure of travel to take place as a result of a strike by LOT Polish Airlines employees, airport employees, or force majeure.
  • All disputes associated with the services provided by electronic means by LOT Polish Airlines are considered to be in the jurisdiction of the courts appropriate to the registered main office of LOT Polish Airlines.

Annex No. 2 to these Regulations for provision of service by electronic means

LOT À La Carte Services


1. LOT Polish Airlines (“LOT”) – carrier responsible for providing Ancillary Services to passengers
2. LOT A’la Carte Services (“Services”) – additional paid services offered by LOT, that passenger can buy in combination with an airline ticket;
3. Special Categories of Passenger (“SCP”) - people requiring special conditions, assistance and/or devices when carried onboard, especially:
a. People with reduced mobility (PRMs) means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and the adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers
b. Infants (INF) - children below 2 years old traveling with adult
c. Unaccompanied children (UMs) - children between 2 and 12 years old travelling without adult
d. Non-standard size passenger (“NSP”) – people who because of their size, weight or height cannot be seated on a single seat in the aircraft cabin.

General provisions

1. These conditions (“Conditions”) define the principles of automated calculation for LOT Ancillary Services (“Services”), its charges and also describe how to modify the EMD electronic documents issued on different additional services offered by LOT.
2. Only tickets issued by LOT (number beginning with 080) are covered by these Conditions.
2. Only international and domestic flights operated by LOT (as well as flights operated by Eurolot) are covered by these Conditions.
3. Services can be purchased for maximum 4-segment journey.
4. In case of any claims concerning the Services please go to http://www.lot.com/issues

My Extra Baggage

1. My Extra Baggages is a Pre-paid excess baggage Service: passengers are given the possibility to pre-purchase additional piece of baggage at a discounted price at the time of booking.
2. The Service can be ordered not later than 12 hours prior to the schedule time of departure.
3. This service is only applicable for additional piece of baggage which doesn’t exceed 23 kg or 158 cm (sum of dimensions). In case any of those limits (weight or dimension) is exceeded the service can be purchased via LOT call centre, LOT Ticket offices or Travel agents.
4. The discount equals to 20% from the regular price of baggage which doesn’t exceed 23 kg or 158 cm (sum of dimensions) - available on http://www.lot.com/excess-baggage)

My Favourite Seat

1. Whenever you are not sure if you are qualified as a SCP or NSP passenger please contact our call centre.
2. Seat selection Service will give passengers possibility to select the seat prior to departure.
3. Applicable fees per each segment of journey are:
a. for Polish domestic flights and all flights up to 2 hours - PLN 20 (or equivalent in local currency). For domestic flights 8% VAT will be added (PLN 21,60).
b. for all flights that are longer that 2 hours - PLN 30 (or equivalent in local currency)
c. for all LOT flights to/from JFK, ORD, YYZ, PEK - PLN 75 (or equivalent in local currency)
d. for LOT flights to/from NRT - PLN 65 (or equivalent in local currency)
4. Passengers in LOT Premium Economy, LOT Business Class or with Miles & More loyalty program status: HON and Senator would have the service for free of charge.
5. Seats that have not been assigned within the Seat selection will be available free of charge for all passengers after opening the check-in (usually 24 hours before schedule time of departure).
6. Passengers traveling in LOT Economy can choose to be seated in the exit row seats with more legroom for reservation on almost all aircraft types. You can find out the exact location of these seats from the seatmaps.
7. Exit row seats fee may be higher than a fee for a standard seat. You can find out the exact price of exit row seats from the seatmaps or our call center.
8.Due to safety reasons in order to be seated in the exit row seats passengers:
a. Cannot be qualified as an SCP, NSP or travel with pets in cabin
b. Cannot be qualified as person who, because of his/her condition, might hinder other passengers during an evacuation or who impede the crew in carrying out their duties
c. Should be 18 years old or older, able to communicate in the language of the crew (Polish or English), appear to be reasonably fit, strong and able to assist the rapid evacuation of the aircraft in an emergency after an appropriate briefing by the crew,
9. Other seat conditions:
a. Passengers qualified as NSP should be seated in a multiple seats row (with folding armrest), possibly near the aircraft exit but not at the emergency row.
b. Infants must be seated in a row where a supplementary oxygen mask is available
10. If passenger chooses an exit row seat and does not fulfill the limitations of this seat stated in the point 5 and 7 of this section he/she will be assigned a different seat. In this situation no refund applies.
11. The seat reservation fee can be refunded in case of:
a. A schedule or aircraft change caused by LOT if no equivalent seat can be made available on the new flight.
b. Rebooking caused by any unforeseen disruption if no equivalent seat can be made available on the new flight.
12. The seat reservation fee cannot be refunded in case:
a. Passenger is cancelling the reservation which is non-refundable
b. Passenger is purchasing / receiving free of charge an upgrade to higher compartment
c. Passenger chooses an exit row seat and does not fulfill the limitations of this seat stated in the point 5 and 7 of this section he/she will be assigned a different seat. In this situation no refund applies.

My Premium Menu

1. Meal Premium Menu Service will give possibility to passengers travelling in economy class on long-haul flights to upgrade their standard LOT Economy Class meal to LOT Premium Economy meal.
2. The Service can be ordered no later than 12 hours prior to the schedule time of departure.
3. The Service is available for standard meals as well as for selected special meals (Moslem, Diabetic, Non-lactose, Vegetarian (non-dairy), Vegetarian (lacto-ovo), Gluten-free).
4. The Service is limited to 10 per each long-haul one-way flight and after reaching this limit passenger might not be able to buy the service.
5. Price of the service is 100 PLN (30 USD, 30 CAD, 25 EUR or equivalent in local currency)

My Leisure Equipment

1. My Leisure Equipment makes it possible for the passengers to purchase at the time of booking the carriage of the following special equipment: golf equipment, ski equipment, musical instrument, scuba diving equipment, snowboard equipment and fishing equipment.
2. The Service embraces only equipment carried in the hold.
3. If your special baggage is not included in My Leisure Equipment service please contact LOT call centre.
4. In case the allowance for special equipment is exceeded by number of pieces and weight to the respective ticket class, the excess baggage fee will apply. The fee can be paid at LOT call centre, LOT Ticket offices or Travel agents.
5. The maximum weight of special equipment cannot exceed 45kg. The heavier items must be checked as cargo.
6. The size limit of the special equipment does not exist. For avoidance of doubts, the equipment must be confirmed in LOT call centre in order to be sure it fits into the hold.
7. For one set of special equipment (e.g. 1pair of ski + 1pair of boots + helmet packed separately) only one rate applies.
8. The fees are for one way journey. For the return flight a separate fee is required. Current prices can be found here: http://www.lot.com/sports-equipment.
9. One piece of special equipment can be carried for free if within the free checked-in baggage allowance.

LOT Economy Simple Baggage

1. For Passengers travelling according to fares with no registered baggage allowance, we can offer the special rate of 60PLN/ 20USD/ 20CAD/ 15EUR (or equivalent) for 1st registered baggage.
2. For the second and/or next baggage, regular rates apply. The services of 2nd /more baggage can be purchased via LOT Call Centre, LOT ticket offices or Travel Agents only.