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Manage your booking online regulations

  1. "Manage my booking" is a tool permitting PLL lot ticket holders to change reservations online.
  2. Changes to reservations may be made on the "My reservation" panel, in the "Chosen flight" section.
  3. Tickets may be changed on the day of departure, up to six hours before the commencement of the initial leg of the flight.
  4. Tickets may also be exchanged as late as six hours after the commencement of the flight.
  5. Changes may be made to domestic, short- and long-haul flights, both one way and round trip, as well as multicity flights.
  6. As many as nine reservations may be changed simultaneously.
  7. "Manage my booking" permits changes to the date and/or hour of the flight at any time, as well as permitting changes from a lower to higher class or fare.
  8. Changes in reservations may be made for tickets purchased online, through an agency, or through the Telephone Reservations and Sales Center where the terms of the ticket permit changes. Additional fees may be charged where specified. See the table below for fares and fees.
  9. In the case of a change from a lower to higher fare, additional fees will be charged for the difference in price between the old and new ticket, and for the change of ticket.
  10. Additional services (My Menu Premium, My Favourite Seat, My Extra Baggage, My Leisure Equipment) will not be carried over to the new reservation in the case of changes to the ticket. Costs for extra services will not be refunded.
  11. Flight insurance will not be automatically carried over to the new reservation. In order to transfer flight insurance to the new reservation, please contact the insurance provider. Insurance can be purchased in the "My reservation" menu.
  12. If you experience problems with changing your reservation, please contact the Telephone Reservations and Sales Center directly.
Fares and ticket changes table
FareTickets changes
lot Economy Crazy Service unavailable

lot Economy Promo

lot Premium Promo

lot Business PromoM

Fees charged

in accordance

with terms of ticket

lot Economy Saver

lot Premium Saver

lot Business Saver

Fees charged

in accordance

with terms of ticket

lot Economy Flex

lot Premium Flex

lot Business Flex

No charge

lot Economy LUX

lot Premium LUX

lot Business LUX

No charge