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list of airports without or with limiteddg and special load serviceLast update: 10.12.2015 lot Polish Airlines do not carry DG to:

  • LWO
  • ODS
  • SZZ
  • GDN

Destinations with limited DG transport:

  • BRU - embargo on explosive materials,
  • MAD - embargo on explosive materials,
  • BCN - embargo on explosive materials and weapons (except sports weapons),
  • MXP - embargo on radioactive materials,
  • MSQ -  service only imports,
  • BEG - service only imports,
  • OTP - embargo on class 1, class 6.2 category A, class 7,
  • VIE - embargo exist at Airport Vienna - Class 6: to/via VIE if shipment requires cool storage (including freezer) or needs to be cooled with dry ice - except for UN3373, all Class 2: except - UN1950 and UN1044,
  • SVO - embargo on weapons and ammunition, DG after confirmation,
  • CPH - authorization for every transport of weapons,
  • ARN - embargo on VAL,
  • IEV - embargo on all weapons, except hunting shotguns.