If you wish to transport weapons and ammunition, please inform us of the fact no later than 48 hours before departure.

You can notify us via:

  • The LOT Polish Airlines sales offices while buying your ticket;
  • our Call Center:
  • our agents' offices

The transport of hunting weapons is permited upon presentation of all the requisite permits and licences. The transport of ammunition weighing up to 5 kg is allowed.
Archery equipment may only be carried as checked baggage and we require it to be safely and securely packed. Baggage of this nature is included within the free baggage allowance.

Hunting and sporting weapons apply an additional charge if they are packed in a special weapon bag as a separate luggage (more) . Small weapon packed in a regular checked baggage within the Free Baggage Allowance is not subject to additional charges.

An additional carriage charge has been in effect since February 11th, 2011 in some countries, namely:

  • Italy- EUR 60,
  • Turkey - EUR 30,
  • Great Britain - GBP 50.