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Let yourself to be inspired!

Dear passengers,

Welcome to the brand new website - Inspiration.  The service, which will be part of site, will be aimed to encourage passengers to travel to interesting places - that lot flies to - and which are worthh visiting because of many tourist attractions.

Warsaw Guide

What to see in Frankfurt

Tourist attractions in Paris

Visit in London

Trip to Brussels

New York travel guide

Interesting places in Amsterdam

Chicago travel guide

Milan guide

Things to see in Beijing

Vilnius guide

Travel to Vienna

After a subject is chosen, the site will show a list of cities corresponding to the "inspiration", and - what is most important - each direction will be accompanied with practical information and a guide with recommendations for places worth visiting. To facilitate the use of the "Inspirations" platform, a booking function will be established, profiled for the selected city and activity, allowing users to buy a ticket with a single click.