CEO Message

Warsaw, 15 February 2013
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As an aviation enthusiast for many years, I am delighted to accept the opportunity entrusted to me: to accept the challenge of taking over the helm of LOT - our national carrier, with a tradition of more than 84 years

I am convinced that our entire staff has a common goal: to convince you, our passengers, to travel with our airline. I believe that we will be successful, because LOT creates passionate people, and there is nothing more beautiful than the combination of hard work and passion.
We want to change for you. Knowing our weaknesses and refusing to run away from them, we accept the challenge of getting the performance of the company "back on track" in the nearest future.
The European aviation market is strongly competitive; thus, in accepting this challenge, we will try to convince you to take advantage of our wide range of connections and favourable prices.
We are one of the most punctual airlines in Europe. We offer excellent service at reasonable prices, direct links with Warsaw and convenient flight times, so that our passengers don't have to worry about long hours of waiting at airports located far from the centres of European capitals. While retaining all of our advantages, we are endeavouring to develop a competitive business model to meet your expectations.
The first steps that we have taken in this situation include changing and adapting our network of connections. In this regard, I can assure you that we will retain our flagship long-distance direct flights from Warsaw to Chicago, New York and Toronto. We take great pride in these, which is why we have decided to increase the number of flights to Chicago and New York in the coming summer. Starting in April, we will offer as many as 11 flights weekly to each of these cities. In addition, as a member of the Star Alliance alliance, we will continue to work closely with our partner carriers on routes to Germany and Austria, adding to our range.
At the same time I wish to reassure you that we will ensure continuity of service on all of our flights. Therefore, we have decided that during the summer season our long-distance routes will be serviced by our currently-in-use and newly - acquired Boeing 767 aircraft.
I fully realise how much these changes are needed; accordingly, I hope that you will appreciate our efforts and reward us with your goodwill and trust.
We thank you for being with us despite the difficulties. We fly, and will continue to fly, with you and for you.

Yours sincerely,

Sebastian Mikosz 
Chief Executive Officer, LOT Polish Airlines