Privacy policy

Dear Sir/Madam

LOT Polish Airlines SA with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. 17 Stycznia 43, collects and processes your personal data for the purposes specifically related to making reservations, issuing tickets, executing contacts of carriage and rendering other services to our passengers as well as satisfying all necessary border crossing requirements.


Providing LOT Polish Airlines SA with your personal data takes place on an entirely voluntary basis.

All our clients are entitled to unrestricted access to their personal data as well as its amendment. To this end you need to contact our round-the-clock Customer Service Centre by dialling +48 22 577 77 55 or directly the ticket counters.

In addition, LOT Polish Airlines S.A. wishes to inform that in the interest of executing the transportation agreement, the personal information which the company possesses or has access to may be communicated to other persons, institutions, or carriers, including those in other countries who, as a result of applicable provisions of law and international agreements, are authorised to receive said information, or to whom the conveyance of said information is necessary in order to fulfil the legally authorised purposes realised by the administrators or recipients of that information, including, but not limited to immigration, customs, and other requirements associated with transit across national borders in destination countries, and so forth.

We would also like to inform our passengers that all personal data entrusted to LOT Polish Airlines SA is subject to processing and protection in compliance with international standards and the Act on the Protection of Personal Data passed on 29 August 1997.

In addition, we advise all passengers bound for the United States of America and Canada that in accordance with the applicable law LOT Polish Airlines SA transfers all personal data stored in the reservation and departure control systems together with other information we may be holding about them to the relevant Bureaus of Customs and Border Protection. Your personal data shall be used for the purposes of preventing and combating acts of terrorism along with other international crimes.

NOTICE for passengers traveling between the European Union and the United States regarding transferring their personal data.

LOT Polish Airlines established in Warsaw, 17 Stycznia 43, kindly inform passengers traveling to the United States of America, that under US Law and in accordance with an International Agreement between the European Union and the United States,

the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will receive certain travel and reservations data (PNR) about passengers flying between the European Union and the United States.

DHS has undertaken that it uses this information primarily for the purpose of preventing and combating terrorism and other transnational serious crimes. These and other data may also be used for checking against lists of passengers raising aviations security concerns.

The PNR information will be retained for at least three years and six months and may be shared with other authorities.

Further information about these arrangements, including measures to safeguard your personal data can be obtained from LOT Polish Airlines offices, LOT website in FAQ section - "Passengers traveling to the United States regarding transferring their personal data" or travel agent.

Providing personal data is voluntary.

Any passnger has the rigths to access his personal data and to supplement or correct them. In order to do so the passenger should contact the 24 hours Call Center  ++48 22 577 77 55.