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Meals and drinks on board

Business Class Breakfast

Whether you favour a hearty start to the day and a cup of good coffee over the morning papers or whether a quick, sweet snack is all you need, you will find whatever suits you best on board our flights. Face the day in your own favourite way… with LOT.

Business Class Lunch

When we set about composing lunch dishes for our business class passengers, what was at the forefront of our minds was that the in-flight lunch should provide you with not only a pleasant interval, but also with a culinary experience that will linger in your memory for a long time to come.

Flights to Beijing

Passengers flying LOT to Beijing have the opportunity to sample some exquisite asian cuisine.


Our desserts provide the perfect crowning touch to LOT's in-flight meals. There is something for everyone, gourmands and the figure-conscious alike.

Wine List

The wines from our lists will satisfy the palates of even the most sophisticated of experts.