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Round trip flights to Milan from 399 PLN

Route Price from Flight time
Warsaw - Milan 399 PLN 2:10
Cracow - Milan 768 PLN 3:00
Poznan - Milan 739 PLN 3:05
Szczecin - Milan 783 PLN 3:15
Gdansk - Milan 829 PLN 3:05
Wroclaw - Milan 836 PLN 3:05
Rzeszow - Milan 758 PLN 3:00
Katowice - Milan 768 PLN 3:00

Fly with LOT Polish Airlines:

  • flights to the largest airports in Europe
  • possibility to use mobile devices (switched to 'flight mode') during flight
  • check-in available within 24 hours of your departure
  • guaranteed, free of charge baggage

Business Class
Economy Plus
Economy Class
Economy Simple
Checked-in baggage
International flights 2 x 32 kg 2 x 23 kg 1 x 23 kg carry-on baggage
Carry-on baggage
International flights 2 x 9 kg 1 x 8 kg 1 x 8 kg 1 x 8 kg

*International flights - When buying a ticket in LOT Economy Simple, you can buy the first piece of checked baggage at a reduced price (60 PLN/20 USD/20 CAD/15 EUR). 

The prices shown are for tickets purchased on lot.com for a direct return flight and includes tariffs, taxes, airport charges and all surcharges, such as fuel charges. Prices may vary depending on the purchase date as well as due to currency fluctuations. The number of tickets in tariff is limited.