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Earth Hour – join lot Polish Airlines in protecting the environment!

As a company with a long history of social responsibiltiy, lot is particularly concerned about issues connected with protecting our natural environment. The influence of human activities on the earth's climate is becoming more and more evident in our everyday lives, which is one reason that we want to actively support efforts to reduce the energy consumption of the processes involved in our operations and to raise awareness of the seriousness of the problem. That is why we are taking part in the World Wildlife Federation's "Earth Hour" campaign for the second time.

The "Earth Hour" is a worldwide initiative of the international environmental organization, the World Wildlife Foundation. This campaign, now in its third edition, calls on people to turn out lights in homes, businesses, and public buildings all over the world. This year's Earth Hour will take place on March 27 at 8:30 PM.

The goal of the "Earth Hour" campaign is to counteract the greatest threat to our planet, which is climate change, as well as to draw public attention to the problem of global warming and the need to take urgent measures to halt the warming of the Earth.

lot Polish Airlines will be taking active part in the campaign. At exactly 8:30 PM, March 27, 2010 the Warsaw headquarters of our company will be plunged into darkness, as will the sign in front of the building on 17 Stycznia street. The interior lights of the building will also be turned off, with the exception of those in spaces where the particular demands of our 24-hour operations require continuous access to electricity.

We will be encouraging our passengers to turn out their lights for the "Earth Hour" in the pages of our in-flight magazine, in a special public information campaign among our "Miles & More" and "lot for Business" programme members, travel agents, and business partners. We will also be working to promote the campaign among our employees through our intranet and internal company publication "Żurawie", which will include an article dedicated to the campaign, and through special posters promoting energy savings and environmental awareness.

It is our hope that word of the campaign will travel far "on the wings of" our planes and will encourage many concerned people to join us in participating in the "Earth Hour"!

We strongly urge you too to take part in the "Earth Hour" campaign by registering on the campaign web site