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LOT Pilots

Our pilots

When you choose an airline, you have to be certain that the cockpit is under the control of people you can trust. Which is precisely why we employ the best and most experienced pilots, whose skills have been confirmed time and again by their award-winning performances at the world's most prestigious competitive flying events.

Our cabin crew

Every one of our clients is different and they all have their own requirements and expectations. Our cabin crew attend to each passenger individually, working to ensure that their flight passes quickly, comfortably and safely.

At LOT, we know how to do this. We have over 85 years of experience.

LOT Cabin Crews

Customer service

Customer service

Using an airline can give rise to numerous doubts and concerns. Ensuring that every question is met with an answer matters to us at LOT, which is why whenever you need us, we are always at your disposal. You can contact us at our Call Center, which is open 24 hours a day, via our Facebook page, by e-mail and even via our virtual flight attendant. We have put all of this in place in order to assist you in the way which is the most convenient and effortless for you.