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My Onboard Meal is a hot meal, fresh sandwich or salad served onboard during your flight longer than 60 minutes. The offer is available for passengers travelling in LOT Economy Class.

Your meal would be served first – before buy-onboard SkyBar service and free refreshments service.

Please be informed that you can order My Onboard Meal no later than 24 hours before departure via:

  • LOT Contact Center
  • LOT Sales Offices
  • Sales Agents Offices

My Onboard Meal service is limited. If your meal is unconfirmed while ordering, please keep in mind that our SkyBar service will be available onboard!

Please find further information about My Onboard Meal below.

Sandwiches and salads

Available sandwiches:

  • sandwich with roasted pork, pickled cucumber and honey-mustard dressing
  • sandwich with radamer cheese and mozzarella cheese accompanied by black olives, red pepper, and rocket salad

Available salads:

  • salad with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, sunflower seeds and tomato vinaigrette salad with beetroot and goat’s cheese, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh cucumber served with honey-mustard dressing

Offer may be unavailable on selected flights. Please ask our consultant or sales agent about the availability.

Hot meals

Available hot meals:

  • Tikka Masala Chicken – chicken in masala sauce with yoghurt, onions and oriental herbs accompanied with yellow rice
  • Vegetarian pasta – pasta in vegetarian sauce with tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and olives

Hot meals are available on flights between Warsaw and:

  • Yerevan,
  • Madrid,
  • Barcelona,
  • Larnaca,
  • Tel-Aviv and
  • Tbilisi

operated by E90, E95, B734, B738, B737MAX, B788, B789. Offer is available on flights in both directions.