LOT Polish Airlines has announced a major upgrade of the cabins of its wide-body Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. The retrofit will feature a new cabin design, replacement of seats in all classes, installation of a new in-flight entertainment system as well as the deployment of Internet connectivity. The new interiors will be the product of collaboration with brands such as RECARO Aircraft Seating, Safran Passenger Innovations, Viasat, and Tangerine. The new cabins of the Dreamliners are set to include a Polish touch. The LOT Economy Class seats will be manufactured at the RECARO Aircraft Seating factory in Poland.

LOT Polish Airlines is putting a completely new spin on travel. The new Dreamliner cabins have been designed while respecting the company’s nearly 95-year history, incorporating the spirit of Polish hospitality yet being modern.

The new cabin space in all classes is inspired by the Polish landscape. Vibrant, deep blues emanate perfectly from the LOT brand, while the addition of copper alludes to the warmth of the Polish sun. The design follows business trends, however, as one of the oldest and most recognisable Polish brands in the world, we do not forget to include touches from our cultural heritage”, Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of Product Development and Customer Experience Department at LOT Polish Airlines, talks about the experience of future travel in the upcoming 787-8 cabin interiors.

Tangerine, a multi-award-winning British design agency, created the design of the new cabins for LOT Polish Airlines. The company has been in business since 1989 and has served brands such as Apple, British Airways, Finnair, Huawei, and Toyota.

Enjoy even more comfortable journeys with the new seats

The entire cabin of the Boeing 787 fleet will be equipped with new seats from RECARO Aircraft Seating in LOT Business Class (CL6720 model), LOT Premium Economy Class (PL3530 model) and LOT Economy Class (CL3810 model). 

“By choosing RECARO Aircraft Seating as the exclusive supplier of seats for our wide-body fleet, we prioritised passenger comfort and innovation. Our partnership marks a milestone for both LOT Polish Airlines and RECARO, with whom we are working on a wide-body aircraft cabin design for the first time. The CL6720, PL3530 and CL3810 series seats materialise our commitment to providing comfortable travel experience in all classes. We are confident that this collaboration will establish new standards and reflect our dedication to making the journey even better for passengers”, adds Izabela Leszczyńska.

The seating configuration in LOT Business Class will change to 1-2-1, thus giving each passenger access to the aisle at any point during the journey. Each and every seat will be furnished with an individual door, offering the utmost degree of privacy. Passengers will enjoy more space and additional storage for small items. Likewise, there will be more space for personal items in LOT Premium Economy Class, whereas the new seat shape and spacing will make aisle access easier. In LOT Economy Class, the journey aboard the Dreamliner will be even more convenient owing to increased legroom and advanced cushions in the seats.

Recaro Aircraft Seating is a leading German manufacturer of seats for aircraft and passenger trains. Seats of the CL3810 series (LOT Economy Class) will be manufactured at the factory in Poland. LOT Polish Airlines and Recaro cooperation is a long-term one, as the company will be supplying seats for all wide-body aircrafts’ including those that will join Polish flag carrier’s fleet in the future.

New generation of in-flight entertainment system

LOT passengers on long-haul flights will benefit from access to a state-of-the-art entertainment system. The Boeing 787-8 fleet will be upgraded to feature 4K resolution screens of 17.3 inches in LOT Business Class and 13.3 inches in LOT Premium Economy and LOT Economy Class. Passengers travelling in all classes will have the opportunity to connect their headsets to the in-flight entertainment system using Bluetooth technology. All seats will come equipped with the modern USB-C charging port standard, while LOT Premium Economy Class and LOT Business Class seats will boast universal power sockets and the LOT Business Class seat will additionally feature a wireless charging built-in the console.

The entertainment system will be supplied by Safran Passenger Innovations, a California-based company and a leading supplier of in-flight entertainment systems for a number of global carriers. LOT passengers travelling on long-haul routes will be able to benefit from wireless Internet access aboard all of the LOT Polish Airlines wide-body aircrafts. Internet connectivity will be provided by Viasat, offering global coverage.

In the first place, the retrofit will cover Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner fleet. Passengers will be able to board LOT Polish Airlines aircraft with a completely modernised cabin in 2026.

“This will be a brand new quality of travel – from boarding and the overall experience, to the comfort of the seats and the enjoyment of the in-flight entertainment, right down to the tiny details that we hope our passengers will appreciate. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this experience”, promises Izabela Leszczyńska.