Warsaw, 21 June 2023, the Supervisory Board of LOT Polish Airlines elected a new management board of the carrier. Those candidates featuring well-established business experience and being key function holders in aviation industry companies for years were selected for new positions.

The competition aimed at selecting members of the management board of LOT Polish Airlines was concluded with the election of Dorota Dmuchowska as a member of the management board in charge of operations, Katarzyna Piskorz as a member of the management board in charge of corporate affairs, as well as Paweł Urbaniak as a member of the management board in charge of financial and economic affairs. They will do their job in close cooperation with Michał Fijoł, who was elected president of the management board last week.

Dorota Dmuchowska has been associated with aviation since 1995. She has held a variety of roles in the operations area, and in 2007 she took the position of head of the cabin crew office. Afterwards, she was entrusted with the position of a member of the management board of LOT Crew, which she held for eight years. In 2021, she additionally took the position of a member of the management board in charge of operations of the Polish Flight Academy.

Katarzyna Piskorz has been a member of the management board of PLL LOT in charge of corporate affairs since 2019. Beforehand, she held corporate functions in entities from the insurance industry and pursuing investment projects within the PFR Group. For 15 years she was associated with the PZU Group, where she was, among others, in charge of a competence office for corporate functions.

Before moving to the aviation industry, Paweł Urbaniak gained recognition as a management board member and CFO in leading private entities. He held these functions in, among others, Gino Rossi SA and Wittchen SA – companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In 2020, he joined LS Airport Service, initially as CFO and then as CEO. His meritorious actions include but are not limited to the efficient leading of LSAS through the pandemic period and ensuring uninterrupted air operations for numerous carriers.

We are facing a time marked by great challenges. We must meet the financial and operational conditions of the state aid granted to us during the pandemic as well as ensure that the Company is returning to the path of development interrupted three years ago by the global crisis affecting the aviation industry. I do believe that the aggregated experiences, competences and ambitions of the managers making up the management board of LOT Polish Airlines will render it possible”, said Michał Fijoł, President of the Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT Polish Airlines is recovering from the period of restrictions and suspended operations in the wake of COVID-19 – a pandemic that has triggered the most severe crisis in the history of civil aviation. The company is also one of the airlines that have been most affected by the war in Ukraine. The war has resulted in 11 connections operated by LOT being cancelled. Given the need to bypass the zone affected by the conflict, long-haul flights to Asia, depending on the route, have been extended by more than 2 hours.