How to transport a bicycle?

Not sure how to transport a bicycle when flying by air? Below you will find information on how to prepare your bicycle for air travel.

Remember that the carriage of a bicycle is subject to a fee regardless of whether its dimensions and weight are within the free baggage allowance indicated in your ticket.

General information

  • In order to transport a bicycle, the requirements for maximum weight and dimensions must be met together. The maximum weight must not exceed 32 kg, and the maximum sum of all dimensions must not exceed 130 x 30 x 70 [CM]. The dimensions given are for the bicycle with the front wheel removed.
  • The bicycle should be protected with cardboard packaging, stretch film or be transported in a suitcase designed for bicycle transportation.

Specific requirements

  • a bicycle accepted as a cheked baggage must have it's handlebars fixed sideways or removed
  • the pedals have to be removed or fixed, so that they point inside
  • it is advised that the tires should be partially deflated so as to avoid possible problems related to atmospheric pressure changes duiring the flight
  • removal of the front wheel or both wheels may be unavoidable due to the need to meet all previously mentioned requirements, especially the size limits of the entire load.

Failure to meet the above requirements for transporting a bicycle may result in refusal to accept the equipment for the flight.

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