When should a MEDIF form be filled in and where to send it?

A MEDIF form should be submitted 72 hours before the scheduled departure date at the latest. The medical examination certificate must be issued within 14 days before the flight sections concerned. This means that if you buy a return ticket with a stay of more than 14 days in between, you must obtain new certificates for the return flight. A MEDIF form is required in the following cases:

  • Passengers travelling on a stretcher,
  • Passengers whose health might deteriorate as a result of air travel
  • Passengers who require assistance of a doctor or medical personnel in flight,
  • Passengers who need to use an oxygen concentrator or other specialised medical equipment in flight (the exception is the CPAP device, for which MEDIF is not required as long as there are no other complications or health problems that qualify the passenger to provide a medical certificate),
  • Pregnant women after 32 weeks of pregnancy,
  • Women with pregnancies at risk and/or multiple pregnancies,
  • Infants younger than 7 days.
  • Passengers whose behaviour or mental or physical condition prevent them from travelling without additional assistance,

Note! A MEDIF copy must be presented to the airport staff at check-in and to the cabin crew before boarding.