Warsaw, November 18, 2021 - LOT Polish Airlines invites you on board!
In the winter season 2021/2022, the national carrier will offer a total of nearly 100 routes. The booking systems already offer flights on European routes, but also long-haul flights to Sri Lanka, the United States and Canada.

Based on airline regulators' forecasts, demand and entry restrictions in individual countries, LOT has planned its flight network for the coming winter season. Passengers can already choose from nearly 100 routes - including domestic flights, to Europe and selected destinations in North America and Asia.

– LOT's priority is to reconstruct its flight network in order to return as quickly as possible to flying as we used to know it before the pandemic. Our winter offer is a result of demand and entry regulations in individual countries. Continuing the success of the tourism offer, we are now offering our passengers flights to Colombo in Sri Lanka, Miami or Dubai, which is extremely popular - as are the connections to the United States. We also keep an eye on the regular network - it is arranged in such a way as to ensure an optimal offer of both direct connections and transit connections via Warsaw – says Michał Fijoł, Member of the Management Board, LOT Polish Airlines.

Since the beginning of the winter season, the Polish carrier's aircraft have been operating regular flights to Western Europe - including Berlin, Paris, Vienna, London and Luxembourg. The timetable also includes Switzerland's financial capital Zurich and vibrant Copenhagen.

In Central and Eastern Europe, on board LOT we will fly to, inter alia, Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana, surrounded by picturesque mountains. The national carrier has recently launched regular flights to the increasingly popular Tirana and resumed operations to Kharkiv. And for enthusiasts of long walks down enchanting streets, LOT Polish Airlines will fly to the magical city of Prague. It is worth noting that LOT will offer (as soon as in December!) a direct connection between Zielona Góra and Lviv once a week.

LOT also offers flights to Northern Europe - Tallinn or Oslo. Those who prefer slightly warmer destinations in winter will certainly be pleased with the presence of Barcelona and Madrid in the flight network.

As part of long-haul flights network, LOT will offer more flights to the USA thanks to the lifting of entry restrictions. New York has a regular daily flight to Warsaw, while flights to Chicago will operate six times a week from Warsaw and once a week from Kraków. Flights to Miami will launch on December 10 with a frequency of three connections per week. Additionally, the carrier launches the sale of tickets for the summer season from Kraków to Newark.

– The very first day after the USA announced the opening of the markets, the number of searches for flights to this country multiplied. Our offering to New York and Chicago and passenger numbers are similar to 2019 levels – Michał Fijoł adds.

As part of the offer of medium- and long-haul flights in the winter season, LOT's passengers will also be able to travel to Sri Lanka (the first flight is scheduled for December 7) or to Dubai, where LOT has increased the frequency from three to four flights a week. The carrier's winter flight network also includes Canada (Toronto), Korea (Seoul) and Japan (Tokyo).

In winter, LOT will also be operating domestic flights between Warsaw and regional airports, providing passengers from all over Poland with convenient transfers to international flights. As part of domestic flights, the carrier will also fly from Kraków and Lublin to Gdańsk, and from Kraków to Olsztyn.

Flexible ticket change options for passengers

For passengers whose flights will not be back on the winter timetable, the carrier is offering a range of flexible rebooking options. Tickets can be exchanged for a flight at another date free of charge, receiving an additional 30% discount on the next flight. The offer also includes the option of choosing a new flight route - if you need to upgrade to a higher booking class, LOT will refund PLN 200/€50, for tickets purchased before 31 December 2020, of the calculated amount due. Should flight frequency be reduced on selected routes, passengers will be offered alternative connections. 

The ticket can be exchanged for a voucher (valid for 12 months from the date of issue) for all flights available in LOT's network for the following 12 months; you can also demand a refund. The decision can be made within a year of the ticket purchase date and the booking can be managed independently via a convenient form available on LOT.com. At the same time, given the precariousness of travelling in times of pandemic, the carrier also waived charges for making changes to the booking. Passengers can change their travel dates and/or destinations as many times as they wish, free of charge. The new offer applies to tickets purchased up to December 31, 2021 on all LOT flights, in each available fare, including the cheapest Saver option. And if you add to this a wide range of booking management options in the event of a flight cancellation due to the pandemic, LOT is currently in the forefront of European carriers in terms of flexibility and openness to Passengers' needs.