Travelling with pets

  • In order to ensure the comfort and safety of carried animals, LOT Polish Airlines apply the standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  • When you travel with LOT, you can travel with a pet such as a dog, cat or ferret as hand or checked baggage, once the following conditions have been met:
  • The animal to be carried must have an inoculations record and an up-to-date certificate from a vet confirming compliance with the regulations of the country of departure, the destination country and any transit airports.
PLEASE NOTE! We would advice you to familiarise yourself with the European Union regulations covering travelling with animals.

Animals in cargo hold

Animal containers in the cargo hold should comply with the requirements of IATA Live Animals Regulations and:        
  • have to be large enough in order to allow the animal to move freely and be able to stand, turn and lie down,
  • have to be clean, tight and securely closed and the bottom has to be lined with absorbent from inside,
  • have to be labelled with a relevant sticker and appropriate instructions,
  • have to be equipped with a water and feed container,
  • have to be ventilated on at least three sides,
  • cannot have any wheels attached (if they do, the wheels must be removed while check-in),
  • have to be made of fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood.
  • NOTE! Containers cannot be made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh. Such containers are not suitable for air transport.
  • Please, note that while check-in you may be refused to transport your animal if the container is too small or does not comply with IATA requirements.
  • During the whole journey animals must be transported in a container appropriate to their weight and size*.
  • Animals being transported in the cabin may not weigh more than 8 kg together with the container.

Acceptable container dimensions:

  • The B787:55/40/20 cm*
  • The B737:55/40/20 cm*
  • The DH4: 45/30/20 cm*
  • The E70, E75 and E95: 45/30/20 cm*


  • Information regarding the accepted dimensions for animal containers intended for transport in the baggage hold is available from LOT Polish Airlines reservations and sales offices, or from our agents.
  • The container must be spacious enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down in a natural position.
  • If you intend to transport an animal, you must inform us of the fact no later than 48 hours before departure or while purchasing your ticket. The service carries a fee and payment can be made at either LOT Polish Airlines reservations and sales offices or to our agents.
  • The number of animals which can be transported simultaneously on one plane is limited.
  • The transport of other animals as hold cargo can be arranged with LOT CARGO (+48 22 606 7777).

Guide dogs and other service dogs

Guide dogs (seeing-eye/ hearing, assisting dogs) and emotional support dogs are accepted free of charge in the passenger cabin when accompanying a passenger with a disability. Weight and size limitation do not apply and the animal need not to be caged. The dog should be on a lead , but not wear a muzzle. However the person traveling with the guide dog or emotional support dog should have a muzzle with oneself.

For flights to/from USA, there is also the option of transporting an ESAN dog (emotional support animal) in the aircraft cabin free of charge. For this type of service doctor’s confirmation is required.

Fees for transportation of animals

Please note gross weight given (animal with a bag or a conteiner).

Category Size Domestic flights Europe/Middle East USA/Canada/China
Small pet
up to 8 kg 50 PLN
12 EUR
15 USD
15 CAD
200 PLN
50 EUR
60 USD
60 CAD
280 PLN
70 EUR
100 CAD
100 USD
Medium and small pet
up to 15 kg 90 PLN
23 EUR
28 USD
28 CAD
 400 PLN
100 EUR
140 USD
140 CAD
600 PLN
150 EUR
200 USD
200 CAD
Large pet over 15 kg 170 PLN
40 EUR
60 USD
60 CAD
800 PLN
200 EUR
300 USD
300 CAD
1200 PLN
300 EUR
400 CAD
400 USD
To the price of an excess baggage on domestic flights there is an extra charge 8% VAT.

Prices shown in the table do not include service charge, which may vary depending on the place where the service is ordered.

Additional service payment at polish airports:
  Payment made
at the airport
Payment made
via Call Center
70 PLN 48 PLN
65 PLN 40 PLN
Domestic flights 45 PLN 30 PLN

How to carry a pet with you?

The animal to be carried must have an inoculations record and an up-to-date certificate from a vet confirming compliance with the regulations of the country of departure, the destination country and any transit airports.

In case of travel to United Kingdom you can transport your animal only as a cargo, animals on board are forbidden. To receive more information please contact our Call Center or directly with Cargo department. 

PLEASE NOTE! Passengers travelling with a pet in the cabin (PETC) cannot be allocated in the first row of the service class.

Detailed information regarding conditions of carriage and fees is available from LOT Polish Airlines reservations and sales offices.

The carriage of animals as cargo in the baggage holds of the aircraft

The carriage of animals as cargo in the aircraft hold is subject to the same requirements relating to the container as in the case of animals carried in the baggage hold of the aircraft.


LOT Polish Airlines impose only fees for the air carriage of an animal in the baggage hold (carriage fee) and do not provide forwarding services as such. The carriage of an animal in the baggage hold is available as a service only directly in the Cargo Office and the Post Office. Fees imposed by LOT Polish Airlines include the fee for the issue of a waybill and the carriage fee.

Irrespective of fees imposed by LOT Polish Airlines, the forwarder and the recipient are obliged to pay additional fees relating to terminal, veterinary, customs and other services that are imposed by entities not related to LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT Polish Airlines will make an effort to notify the sender about additional due fees that are not related directly to the carriage of an animal at the time of purchase of cargo carriage service for animals.