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Dreamliner LOT Economy Class


Be our guest! No matter if you fly in Europe or across the ocean, a comfortable seat aboard our aircraft is waiting for you. Find out more about our offer.

Discover benefits of travelling in lot Economy Class on our long-haul flights:


On all intercontinental flights at LOT Economy Class you can take with you one hand baggage up to 8 kg and one checked baggage up to 23 kg.

Comfort and on-board entertainment

We want the flight and the destination to be a pleasure. After a few hours of flight, it is important to get off the plane rested. That is why in all intercontinental flights we take our Passengers on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - the most modern aircraft in the world.

All seats in our Dreamliners are equipped with an electric socket, a USB port and an individual on-board entertainment system. The Dreamliner is equipped with special LED lighting allowing the intensity and color to be changed which allows passengers to feel noticeably less affected by the time zone changes.

Traveling on long-haul flights, both a comfortable, reclining seat with a seat width of 43 cm, as well as an adjustable headrest in each seat, warm blanket and pillow, ensure comfortable travel conditions.

During long-haul flights, you can take advantage of the wide range of on-board entertainment - we provide you with over 100 films and series (including productions inspired by the countries we fly to), as well as concerts, entertainment programs and games.

LOT Economy Class

Tasty LOT Economy Class menu

During long-haul flights, on every route in the LOT Economy Class, we serve our Passengers two meals - the first, just after the start, the second - before landing.

During the whole flight you also get free drinks: coffee, tea, water and fruit juices, as well as white and red wine and beer. Also you can use our paid LOT Sky Bar menu at any time.

Discover benefits of travelling in LOT Economy Class on our short-haul flights:

In most fares on short-haul flights in LOT Economy Class hand luggage up to 8 kg and checked baggage up to 23 kg are included in the ticket price. The only exception is the SAVER tariff for people who like to travel only with hand luggage.

When traveling in the LOT Economy Class on short-haul flights, you don't have to worry about the transfer from the airport outside the city to its center. All airports that we fly to are the major airports in the city.

During short-haul flights, on every route in the lot Economy Class, we serve our Passengers water and a small snack. On flights to Nur-Sultan and Beirut you will receive a warm meal served on a tray. Also you can use our paid lot Sky Bar menu at any time.

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