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In lot, we are open to your needs. If you would like to receive a special meal on board for any dietetic or religious reasons or due to private food choices, you can choose such a dish from our rich menu.

Aboard our planes, we offer a large choice of special meals*:

Child meals

  • For babies (BBML) – dish in a small jar intended for a baby under 2 years old
    For child (CHML) – meal suitable for young travelers, easily digestible and delicate

Meals adapted to medical and dietary requirements

  • For diabetics (DBML) – meal suitable for passengers with diabetes, requiring a balanced meal with low sugar content
    Gluten-free (GFML) – meal suitable for passengers on gluten-free diet
    Vegetarian-vegan (VGML) – meal does not contain any animal products or its derivatives
    Low calorie (LCML) – meal suitable for passengers on low-calorie diet
    Lacto-vegetarian (VLML) – meal for vegetarian containing dairy products
    Low-lactose (NLML) – meal contains milk product without lactose, not suitable for passengers with cow milk allergy
    Low-purine (PRML) – meal suitable for passengers with gout
    Adapted to individual nutritional needs (SPML) – composed without two selected allergens
    No peanuts (NPML)**

Meals adapted to religious beliefs

  • Halal (MOML) – meal prepared in accordance with Muslim principles and eating habits
    Hindu (HNML) – meal without beef
    Kosher (KSML) – meal prepared in accordance with kosher principles

* Special meals available on flights from Warsaw. Special meals offer from other destinations can be varied.

** NPML meal does not contain nuts or its derivatives. The complex process of preparing meals and the loading procedure of the aircraft mean that we can’t guarantee that the environment on board the aircraft will be completely free of nuts. We can’t influence whether other passengers carry nuts or use products containing them - including meals and snacks delivered by LOT Polish Airlines. Therefore, despite our efforts, we are not able to provide with an allergen-free environment for people suffering from nut allergy. Please take all necessary precautions taking into account the risk of allergen exposure. If you have any concerns about the ability to take a trip, we encourage you to consult plans with your doctor. Remember that you undertake the journey on your own responsibility.

Special meal service is available on all service classes during long-haul flights and in Business Class and Premium Economy Class on short-haul flights.

Special meals are available at no extra cost. You can place your order at our LOT Contact Center free of charge at +48 22 577 77 55. Remember that you must register for the service not later than 24 hours before the planned departure.

There are exceptional circumstances, such as flight cancellations, delays, swap of planes or carrier operating a given flight – in such situations we may not be able to fulfill your request for a special meal, including a nut-free meal. We ask for your understanding in these rare cases.

You want to learn more about a specific dish or ask about potential allergenic ingredients? Our team will answer your every question.

Enjoy your meal during the journey!