Important information
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We care about the safety of our passengers and crew, which is why we operate all our flights in accordance with the highest standards. The #FlySafeFlyLOT procedure includes safety rules onboard as well as at the airport.

General guidelines for passengers

  • For safety reasons we recommend online check-in
  • Due to the extended check-in time required due to new safety procedures, all passengers are requested to arrive at the airport earlier
  • Each passenger is allowed one carry-on with dimensions 55cm / 40 cm / 23 cm and weight up to 8 kg. Read more about carry-on luggage.
  • A face mask is required during the entire journey – both at the airport and onboard.
  • It’s required to maintain the appropriate social distance within in the terminal (including waiting in security line or passport control, in the jet bridge when picking up luggage) and outside of the terminal.
  • On return flights to Poland it is mandatory to fill in Passenger Locator Form and Health Declaration. On the basis of applicable law, Cabin Crew transfers the Passenger Locator Forms for health purposes to the person designated by the airport operator and then to the locally competent voivode. The collected data will be secured in accordance with local data protection laws.

Before traveling, read about general travel advices.

#FlySafeFlyLOT at the airport

  • All airport employees are equipped with personal safety equipment. 
  • Required social distance is clearly marked throughout the airport. 
  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the airport. 
  • There are temperature checkpoints at the airport.
  • Passengers are boarded and de-boarded according to their assigned seat number.

#FlySafeFlyLOT on board

  • Our crews are equipped with personal safety equipment, such as: masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Additionally, they are trained in the latest medical procedures. 
  • We have implemented a limited contact rule between crew and passengers. 
  • Drinks and snacks are served in individual packages. 
  • Passengers are provided with hand sanitizer or antibacterial tissues. 
  • We have replaced all traditional newspapers with digital e-press. Over 1000 titles, from all over the word, are now available to all our passengers. 
  • To ensure more safety on board, we accept only credit card payments.

Cleanliness and air on board

  • We use HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate-Air) on all our fleet. HEPA filters remove 99,99% of bacteria and viruses on board, as well as airborne dust and solid particles.

  • All of our planes are regularly disinfected with a special biocide solution.