24-hour risk-free cancellation

Uśmiechnięta stewardessa

Cancel a ticket within 24 hours of purchase to keep a full refund, even if the fare purchased is non-refundable.

In order do receive a full refund, conditions listed below should be met:

  • individual ticket should be purchased within 24 hours via lot.com, Contact Center or travel agency*;
  • ticket number should begin from 080-;
  • the refund should be submitted (via Contact Center, Facebook Messenger or your travel agency) up to 24 hours from purchase, but not later than 6 hours before departure of the flight.

 Cancelling a booking within 24 hours is a simple process. You can do this via the contact form or via Contact Center.

*If you bought your ticket via travel agency, please contact them directly.
The 24-hours refund procedure does not apply to tickets that have been exchanged.