"Wings of Life" project

By engaging in health-promoting activities, we help, inter alia, children suffering from cancer.

As part of the #LOTUkrainie campaign, we also enable the youngest Ukrainian citizens to participate in the Wings of Life project. Parents of children suffering from cancer can apply for a discounted fare on travels made for medical purposes for flights included in the LOT Polish Airlines’ flight network.

How do we help? Learn more about the rules of the "Wings of Life" project! #LOTUkrainie

Those are the rules we must follow awarding discounted fares:

  1. LOT will only consider discounted fare requests for children who are under the Foundation's care.
  2. LOT shall process discounted fare requests only for travels made for medical purposes relating to cancers and neoplastic early prevention.
  3. The discounted fare may be awarded only for the child (up to 18 years old) and their maximum one guardian.
  4. The discounted fare for a given person may be awarded maximum once per given calendar year.
  5. The discounted fare may be awarded only in regard of travels for surgery/examination/specialist consultation provided that the following documents are provided:
    1. a valid doctor’s certificate regarding the necessity of travelling for medical purposes related to a cancer
    2. a certificate issued by a foundation attesting to the status of the foundation’s protégé,
    3. a representation made by the patient/guardian regarding their approval to the processing of personal data (personal data, including sensitive data, will be processed by Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.’s employees and partners solely for the purpose of providing support in the form of a discount for the purchase of a flight ticket)
    4. a completed MEDIF form if the patient’s condition requires an additional doctor’s opinion. For more information about the MEDIF form, click here.

      Send the complete set of documents to: csr@lot.pl

  6. LOT shall process the request for reduction after receiving the complete set of data referred to below:
    1. itinerary,
    2. the specified date of departure and estimated date of return,
    3. the full names of the child and the guardian,
    4. dates of birth of the child and their guardian,
    5. a set of documents specified in item 5 above.
  7. The discounted fare shall be granted based on seats availability, however, the trip may be taken Monday through Thursday only).
  8. LOT may award the discounted fare solely for its own flights as part of the valid flight network.
  9. LOT may grant the discounted fare only on a ticket price’s components which are PLL LOT’s own charges. Additional charges such as airport charges or taxes shall be paid by the passenger.
  10. Discounted fares may be granted on tariffs published only for the economic class of flights operated by LOT.
  11. The maximal discounted fare for the child totals 100% on the ticket price's components which are LOT's own charges and for the guardian maximally 100% on the ticket price's components which are PLL LOT's own charges.