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Important information
Entry restrictions in selected countries due to preventive epidemiological actions (Coronavirus)
During the flight
  • Electronic devices

    • 1 Am I allowed to carry electronic devices?
      You can carry electronic devices either in your carry-on baggage or in the registered baggage. List of items permitted and prohibited for carriage in the air transport can be found here. One passenger can take a maximum of two li-ion batteries with capacity of storing energy levels from 100 Wh to 160 Wh. These batteries can only be taken in the carry-on baggage, and each must be seperately secured from any electric contraction.
  • Service classes

    • 1 What service classes are available at LOT Polish Airlines?
      LOT Polish Airlines offer three service classes: LOT Economy Class, LOT Premium Class and LOT Business Class.
  • Food and beverage

    • 1 Am I allowed to carry food and drink in my carry-on baggage?

      Drinks in maximum 100 ml containers can be taken with you. Regulations on transport of food can be found here.

    • 2 Will I get something to eat and drink onboard?

      Onboard of LOT Polish Airlines' aircrafts our passengers are offered refreshments, but these differ depending on the type of flight and the service class. On long-haul flights meals as well as hot and soft drinks are offered free of charge in all service classes. On short-haul flights, only passengers travelling in business and premium class may use these conveniences. Passengers in the economy class are offered a snack and a soft drink.

    • 3 How much does food cost on short-haul flights?

      Full information regarding the prices for food and snacks on board can be found here.

  • Shopping

    • 1 What can be bought onboard of LOT Polish Airlines' aircrafts?

      On top of the meals and drinks, on board of LOT Polish Airlines' aircrafts Duty Free articles are on offer - more detailed information can be found here.

    • 2 What does the situation look like with shopping in the duty-free zone?

      When abroad, you can still make purchases in the airport's duty free shops, but the shopping must be sealed in a special bag. You will receive that bag in the shop, where you purchase your goods.