Prague – 7 places which you must see

Bridges on the Vltava River in Prague in autumn

The capital of the Czech Republic is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is great not only in terms of size, but also the culture that is collected. Prague's historic monuments are world class. Recognising this fact, UNESCO has entered them in its World Heritage List. It is very difficult to see them, but you must see at lest the most important ones.

Old Town Market

Start your sightseeing of that grand metropolis from the main square of the Old Town. It is spacious and surrounded by a magnificent collection buildings from different epochs, which makes it one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Even when you are visiting Prague only for a brief while, you will be amazed by one of the most popular attractions of the city - the clock tower with the famous astronomical clock, and the twin-tower façade of the Church of Mother of God before Týn, which rises above the neighbouring townhouses. The square is vibrant with life all day long, and its always noisy, crowded and energetic.

Big clock in Prague


Now delve into an extraordinary world that is no more. The former Jewish quarter is a magical place where you will feel a unique atmosphere. There are many interesting places, including the 13th century Staronová, Europe's oldest active synagogue, and marvellous cemetery. Both sites are particularly valuable not only for Prague, but also for the entire Old Continent.

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If you are a book lover or like grand interiors, you must see that place! Clementinum is a former Baroque monastery once owned by Jesuits, who used it as their Czech base for intensive counter-reformation operations in the country. Today, it houses one of the world's most beautiful libraries. You will be amazed not only by its collections, but also the setting in which they are exhibited.

Charles Bridge

father on, there is the Charles Bridge, a pearl of Medieval engineering and one of the best recognisable and most popular attractions of Prague. Indeed, it is literally the icon of the city! You must have seen numerous photos of the mighty bridge proudly linking the banks of the majestic the Vltava River. Not only is that masterpiece backed by a pure beauty, history dating back to the 13th century and technological mastery, it also offer visitors scenic views of both banks of the river densely packed with treasures of architecture.

Malá Strana Market

If the visit to Clementinum has not quenched your thirst for very decorative Prague Baroque, you can consider going to the Malá Strana Market, where you can find the Church of St. Nicholas. That magnificent work of art will surely amaze you with its interior. It is also famous for fantastic acoustics - the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself gave concerts there.


You must go to Hradčany, where you will see a complex of Prague's most wonderful historic monuments. It is a royal district packed with art delights to the brim. It is hard to list all the places that deserve your attention! Among them is the magnificent Royal Castle dating back to early Middle Ages, when it was a residence of Czech kings. In its interiors, you will find the impressive Gothic Vladislaus Chamber built at the end of the 15th century by Vladislaus Jagiellon. Later on, visit the Basilica of St. George and the Cathedral of St. Vitus, an exceptionally valuable example of mature Gothic and Neo-Gothic. Anf finally, there is the most atmospheric of places - Golden Street. In the distant past, it was inhabited by goldsmiths working for the State Treasury, and today it amazes tourists with small townhouses which give the site a unique charm.

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Vaclav Square

The imposing 700 metre square is the centre of the New town and a very important Prague thoroughfare. This is where the cultural, commercial and social life is happening. Get carried away by it! Also, have a look at the great architecture with the impressive edifice of the National Museum and the interesting Lucerna Palace. Immerse in the history of that place – it was witness to many important events that played an important role not only in history of Prague, but also the entire country! This is where the Czech independence was born, this is where Czechs fought for freedom after World War II and protested during "the Prague Spring" (Jan Palach committed self-immolation in that very square), and where people listened to Vaclav Havel and carried out the "velvet revolution".

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