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Fly with LOT Polish Airlines to Bucharest

Under the wings of LOT Polish Airlines, you will get to Bucharest enjoying comfortable conditions and care provided by our qualified crew – Business Traveller has awarded us the title of Best Airline in Central and Eastern Europe for the sixteenth time. 

Direct flights to Bucharest

See for yourself how much you will enjoy travelling with professionals! The new direct flight network offered by LOT Polish Airlines guarantees that you will easily get to the destination of your choice. On board, you can relax and fully concentrate on your journey while we make sure that you are comfortable.


Schedule of flights to Bucharest

Nothing can get you as close to Bucharest tourist attractions as a LOT Polish Airlines ticket. We offer flights from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) to Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP) every day, except Saturdays, at 11:20 and 22:30.


Duration of flights to Bucharest

With LOT Polish Airlines, it takes less than two hours to get from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) to Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP).

At Bucharest Airport

We fly to airports from which it is easy to get to the city centre. In Bucharest, we cooperate with Bucharest Otopeni Airport (OTP), from where you can take a bus (line 783) or a taxi.  

Additional LOT Polish Airlines services

LOT Polish Airlines offers additional services to customers for whom time is most important. Don't want to wait to reclaim your suitcase? Use the Priority Luggage option. Do you prefer to be the first one to be served when it comes to airport procedures? Use the Quick Passage option. Do you have any preferences regarding the part of the cabin you would like to sit in? Use the My Favourite Seat option. Check out other services offered by LOT Polish Airlines!

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Discover the city

Bucharest, situated on the Wallachian plains, was dubbed the Paris of the East or Little Paris in the 19th century. It was chiefly due to the city’s architecture. Although many older neighbourhoods were virtually destroyed by the Communist rule of the post-war period, the city still prides itself…

Leisure time

While in Bucharest, you will be amazed by its architecture. What is particularly worth seeing are the religious edifices, for instance Curea Veche on Franceza 21, which is the oldest orthodox church in town. It was completed in 1591. This Wallachian-style place of worship had for several hundred years…


While in Bucharest, you absolutely must try sarmale în foi de viţă - a kind of spring rolls wrapped in grapevine leaves. A typical local dish is mămăligă - corn groats with cheese, milk, and cream. Ciorbă de burtă is a thick and warming soup made of tripe with cream and hot peppers. One of the…


There are several institutions promoting Romanian handicrafts, for instance Fundatia Mestesuguri Romanesti. While in town, you should definitely consider purchasing high-quality handicrafts, such as lace wares, jewellery, or pottery. There is also a folk goods store right next to Romanian Countryside…


Hotels in Bucharest, like anywhere else in the world, are categorized by stars, yet you should remember that sometimes the amount of stars awarded bears little or no resemblance to the actual conditions. It is better to book a room at a bed and breakfast with a bigger number of stars than a night at…

Helpful info

In the congested city centre, traffic tends to be rather chaotic and often clogged. The most convenient means of transport is the subway. Taxi cabs are relatively cheap, yet it is best to choose ones that are part of a taxi corporation, rather than those marked IND (independent). Some of the reliable…

Active time

Bucharest is constantly developing. The best sports facilities are still to be found at hotels, which is where tourist also have access to exclusive spas or saunas. The Romanian capital also boasts an increasing number of very well-equipped fitness centres, such as Klub Fitness Plaza România on…

Bucharest, situated on the Wallachian plains, was dubbed the Paris of the East or Little Paris in the 19th century. It was chiefly due to the city’s architecture.

Although many older neighbourhoods were virtually destroyed by the Communist rule of the post-war period, the city still prides itself on marvellous wide boulevards, urban architecture, and beautiful historical sites. An inquisitive tourist, looking into the city’s multicultural past, will be amazed by narrow streets and overwhelmed with the glamorous architectural heritage of the previous regime. One of the city landmarks is the huge, social realistic Parliament building.

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is also the country’s industrial and service hub. It has a population of approximately 2 million, which makes it one of the bigger and more significant cities in Europe, and certainly in Romania. There are many universities here, as well.

The city sits on 7 hills and it is divided by the Dâmbovita river, which is an estuary of the Danube. Tourists who have grown tired of sightseeing may get some rest at Gradina Cismigiu on Regina Elisabeta boulevard, opposite the town hall, which is the oldest municipal park. This 17-hectare area had been being developed for 30 years before it was completed in 1860. More than 30,000 trees and plants were shipped from the Romanian mountains. Due to the city’s situation, July and August are the hottest months, yet what facilitates prolonged sightseeing is the fact that most stores and restaurants are air-conditioned. What may pose a bit of a problem is the volatility of the summer weather - heat waves and sudden torrential rains often alternate abruptly.



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