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With Polish Airlines LOT to Warsaw

With a ticket of the Polish Airlines LOT you can fly to Warsaw in a pleasant atmosphere under the care of highly competent crew. During the flight you can go through the latest newspapers and go through the current offer of the LOT Gourmet menu, but first of all you can rest. After all, you will be under the care of professionals, winners of the title the Best Airline of Central and Eastern Europe in the ranking of the Business Traveller magazine.


Direct flights to Warsaw

With the Polish Airlines LOT you can fly directly not only to Warsaw, but also to a few dozen most attractive destinations worldwide. Colourful metropolises, vivacious cultural centres, trade and art centres… Don’t hesitate!


Schedule of flights to Warsaw

Direct connections of the Polish Airlines LOT Warsaw guarantee a quick and convenient flight. The Polish Airlines LOT offer domestic flights to the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) – from Kraków-Balice (KRK), Poznań-Ławica (POZ), Wrocław (WRO), Szczecin-Goleniów (SZZ), Katowice-Pyrzowice (KTW), Rzeszów (RZE) and Gdańsk (GDN), as well as international flights from 39 various destinations in the entire world.


Duration of flight to Warsaw

Domestic flights to the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) last about an hour. Detailed information concerning international flights may be found at the following address: //www.lot.com/pl/pl/siatka-polaczen.


At the Warsaw Airport

The Polish Airlines LOT offer flights to the largest airports worldwide. In Warsaw we are cooperating with the Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). From the airport you can get to the city centre by bus (lines 148, 175, 188, 331 or the night time line N32), commuter train or taxi.


Additional services of Polish Airlines LOT

The new network of direct flights offered by the Polish Airlines LOT is a new offer addressed at clients who value exceptional comfort and simplicity. No time for airport procedures? Choose the option Quick Passage. Don’t want to wait for your baggage? Quite simple. All you have to do is choose the option Priority Baggage. Prefer to sit at the aisle or at the window? Choose our service called My Favourite Seat. 

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Discover the city

Warsaw, as the Polish capital, is the most important political, commercial, and cultural centre. It is here that the biggest companies have their registered offices. It is also the seat of the Polish parliament. The city is divided into 18 district on both sides of the Vistula river. Nearly a quarter…

Leisure time

Warsaw has several dozen museums, the most important of which are believed to be the Royal Castle on Plac Zamkowy and National Museum on Aleje Jerozolimskie. The National Museum hosts nearly 800,000 exhibits, the biggest of which is Jan Matejko’s Battle of Tannenberg. One of the most beautiful…


Even though Warsaw’s culinary offer is dominated by traditional Polish dishes, there are also many restaurants offering international cuisine. Your culinary escapade around Warsaw would best be started on Francuska street, especially if you are into … Japanese food. An absolutely mandatory…


Shopping in Warsaw gives a lot of pleasure. Exclusive boutiques can be found for example at Three Crosses Square. Here are the stores of the world’s most expensive brands: Burberry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Tod’s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Moncler, Tory Burch.  In Hermitage Boutique…


Warsaw is full of places offering accommodation that suit any budget or occasion. It is very easy to book a room in one of 200 hotels, hostels and guest houses. The best option is to find accommodation in the very center of the city, located in a close proximity to the most important attractions. Hyatt…

Helpful info

It is best to move about Warsaw using public transportation. You may choose from tram, bus, and subway links. The latter, the only one in town so far, connects the northern and southern parts of Warsaw. It is a good idea to take a tour of the city on no. 180 bus, as its route partially covers the historic…

Active time

The city of Warsaw offers a range of activities for all sport lovers. Apart from the numerous swimming pools, sports halls or jogging trails there is also an extensive network of cycling paths. Tourists can go for a ride along the left bank of the Vistula River, from Młociny to Powsin, or use the paths…

Warsaw, as the Polish capital, is the most important political, commercial, and cultural centre. It is here that the biggest companies have their registered offices. It is also the seat of the Polish parliament. The city is divided into 18 district on both sides of the Vistula river. Nearly a quarter of its territory is covered by greenery. Even though the historic part of the town was almost levelled down during World War II, many buildings have since been rebuilt, and those that had survived still amaze tourists. While visiting Warsaw, it is a good idea to get lost wandering the tiny, yet bustling, streets of the Old Town. You will be very quick to notice that the urban space reflects the changes of the past several decades. Next to antebellum buildings, you will also spot social realistic architecture, and amidst that - modern edifices. It is good to know that Warsaw has two airports. A small one in Modlin, approximately 40 kilometres away and the main one, Chopin Airport, where most airplanes, PLL LOT included, arrive.



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