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A festive atmosphere is spreading throughout Amsterdam. You can find there 26 Christmas markets!  They are located both in the city center as well as in the suburbs. They are accompanied by the Amsterdam Light Festival, which illuminates the sky over the city's canals. 




The Budapest Christmas Market is a great opportunity to see Hungary from a different perspective. The atmosphere of Christmas is warmed up by the aromas of gingerbread, cinnamon and mulled wine, which accompany traditional Hungarian dishes. On the stalls, in addition to excellent food, you can buy local handicrafts and even learn the secrets of its creation. During the fair there are numerous cultural events and workshops for children and adults. 



The Copenhagen Christmas market is happening in a very unusual place - in the Tivoli Garden, an amusement park. In winter, it turns into a tiny Christmas village, with a charming scent of roasted almonds and glogg.




In mid-November, the Viennese streets begin to sparkle with festive glow and encourage you to visit the Christmas Market. You can see that the windows of the neo-Gothic town hall at Rathausplatz change into an Advent calendar! In front of the palace in Schönbrunn you can listen to Christmas carols and drink mulled wine. 



The Christmas Market in Prague is considered the most beautiful in Europe. Every year, a huge Christmas tree appears on the Old Town Square and marks the center of the Christmas Market - here you can take part in many events. You can find colorful stalls with local delicacies and handicrafts also around Wenceslas Square and Republic Square. 




The fabulous atmosphere reaches Latvia few weeks before Christmas. The main Christmas Market in Riga takes place in the heart of the historical city center. It is accompanied by traditional events. On the stalls you can find such products as handmade decorations, toys and goodies, including the most famous of them - Latvian honey. 



The Christmas atmosphere reaches every corner of Moscow. The city is decorated with huge Christmas trees and spectacular illuminations. On some events you can meet Ded Moroz, Russian equivalent of Santa Claus. 




Tallinn Christmas Market tempts with a rich offer of local products and thick layer of snow covering the entire city. It is accompanied by numerous performances and fabulous Christmas tree that decorates historical market. 



Croatia is a great place not only for holidays, but also for Christmas. Every year, there are several Christmas markets in Zagreb. Various stalls with souvenirs and sweets, are set up at Ban Josip Jelačić Square. And thanks to musicians, artists and choirs, streets resound with Christmas music. 




Every year, the Gdańsk Christmas Market at Targ Węglowy is filled with colorful stalls with festive decorations and treats. The beautiful Gdańsk Carousel, Angel Mill and Christmas Tree of Young Gdańsk Residents also appear on it. At Gdańsk stalls you will find Christmas decorations, artistic products and aromatic specialties, not only local cuisine, but also treats from around the world.



Every year in Warsaw there are several Christmas markets, but the official and the most popular is the Christmas Market at the Old Town. Among the fragrant Christmas trees and aromas of hot drinks, you can taste traditional meat products, and various types of cakes and pastries. You can also visit stalls of Polish brands with products that are not available in stores on a daily basis. 




Go to Cracow and see the most famous crèches. Last year, Cracow crèches were included on the UNESCO list. This is the first entry of intangible heritage from Poland, although so far nearly 400 different customs from all over the world have been entered on this list. This is not surprising - Krakow crèches are unique because of the tradition of using local architectural elements in the Christmas scene that started in 19th century. 

Christmas markets in Germany are perfect places to know local tradition and culture. Especially in a moody, historic setting. The most famous are the markets in Nuremberg and the Munich Münchner Christkindlmarkt, but don't miss the Markets in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Hanover. They offers you a festive atmosphere, treats and attractions too. 



The Munich fair is a great opportunity to do Christmas shopping. Advent mood in the city is emphasized by carols from the town hall balcony. 




Seekers of new flavors will surely enjoy the Nuremberg sweets and more. During the fair in the old town you can taste gingerbread and roasted sausages, and then take part in a concert or performance. 



During winter you can feel the festive atmosphere in Hamburg - there are numerous stalls of confectioners and handicrafts made by Roncalli's circus artists. The special point of the fair is the parade of fairy characters, reindeers and Santa Claus. 




The Christmas Market in Berlin is accompanied by numerous cultural events, among which are concerts or magical dance and acrobatic shows. Winter sports amateurs can use the bobsleigh track. It is also a treat for seekers of new flavors who can try cinnamon pretzels, grilled sausages and mulled beer.