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How about a January shopping trip? New Year's sales are tempting.
Check our tips on where to travel in January!

Geneva, just like the whole of Switzerland, is invariably associated with chocolate and watches, but these are not the only products worth buying there. Local products, although not cheap, are of very good quality and will serve you for many years. In Geneva, go shopping for fashion. Although the city center is full of boutiques of the world's best brands, the Plaine de Plainpalais flea market is also interesting, where you can find fashion pearls in retro style. You can also spend your stay in Geneva doing sports and activities. Near the city there are numerous ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty.

When shopping, consider London, which is famous for attractive sales. In January, Oxford Street and Marble Arch are on a shopping spree. There you will find clothing from chain stores at very reduced prices, as well as pearls from top designers.


Paris is an almost obvious choice for shopping trips, from where the world drew and still draws inspiration to create new collections. The most famous and luxurious fashion avenue is Avenue Montaigne, where the boutiques of Dior, Valentino, Givenchy and Cartier are located. Of course, in addition to exclusive boutiques in Paris, you'll also find stores with items for every budget. A popular store is Tati on 4 boulevard Rochechouart. In the two-story building, subsequent departments are connected to each other, which will facilitate your shopping logistics.

Shopping streets and charming bazaars and flea markets in Tel Aviv are a treat for shopping enthusiasts - if you belong to them, do not hesitate and buy tickets. The city is full of local and international boutiques, as well as chain stores filled with the latest collections. Going on a search for promotions, head to the streets of Dizengoff and Shenkine and to the shopping malls of Azrieli Center, Gan Ha'ir or Hatachana. Bugrashov St. is a paradise for budget shopping fans. Kikar Hamedina is the most expensive and exclusive part of Tel Aviv. This is where you can buy things from top brands from all over the world. On the other hand, if you want to hunt for original handicrafts, antiques and fabrics - head to Shuk Hapishpeshim, a picturesque flea market.


Beijing is another shopping paradise. The Chinese market is abound in both brand and foreign products, as well as excellent national choices, and various price levels mean that shopping in Beijing will not burden your budget. Chinese products are not only fakes of well-known brands or low-quality products. For example, at Silk Market you can buy different types of items or sew them from beautiful materials, including silk. Beijing's shopping malls and bazaars are places where you will find local specialties such as tea, calligraphies of beautiful landscapes and porcelain.

Nowy Jork

When mentioning sale havens, it's impossible to miss New York. In this city, it's not even worth trying to tame your shopping passion! Remember that a truly New York way to find bargains are sample sales, which are clothing sales straight from catwalks or movie sessions. During these sales, not only original but also unique items are sold - those that did not go on sale in general. In New York, the leaders of cheap shopping are outlets, including the town of Woodbury Outlets. You will hunt vintage fashion, local products or handmade jewelry at the popular flea market fairs and green markets.

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