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eBook - travelling with kids

How to fly with kids

Let us guide you step by step through all the stages how to travel with your kids (.pdf file).

Pregnant women

  • Up to week 32 of their pregnancy, women may travel with their doctor's consent without needing a medical certificate.
  • After the week 32, they are required to carry a completed MEDIF form.
  • Please consider the progress of your pregnancy while planning your return date. The form may not be obligatory at departure, but it may be necessary at return.

Travelling with children

  • Upon arrival at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, follow the signs to our special Family Check-in counter.
  • When you travel with lot, you are always allowed to take a stroller or a push chair free of charge. Please, leave it with the ground staff directly before boarding. Upon landing, our ground staff will hand it back to you at the exit from the aircraft.
  • Please note that our baby baskets are designed for infants under 6 months up to 10 kg (22 lbs).
  • Our on-board toilets are equipped with special changing tables.
  • Please make sure you take all the necessary baby accessories with you (e.g. pacifiers, nappies, toys etc.).
  • Please note that your child must have the required travel documents (e.g. ID card, passport, visa etc.). To find out more, go to the Before the flightOpen in new window section.
  • Please note that the weather at the destination airport may be different from the weather at the departure airport. Make sure your child is wearing clothes suitable for both weather conditions.

Children travelling unaccompanied

  • Make sure the data of the person picking up the child at the destination point is correct.
  • Your child will be left only with the person entered in the form.
  • Make sure the person picking up your child waits at the airport.
  • Remember to pack all the necessary things in the child’s carry-on luggage.