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Rules for transport of sporting equipment

Sporting equipment may be carried free of charge if within your Free Baggage Allowance - contracted in your ticket. The limitations must be met in regard to the weight per piece and the number of pieces, though, the size of the sporting equipment may exceed the limit. If the sporting equipment exceeds free allowed limits, the charge from the table applies.
  • If your sports items are not listed in the table, the regular excess baggage rates apply.
  • Due to various types of aircrafts there is a limited space for sports equipment in the baggage hold therefore some items may not be accepted. That is why we ask you to declare your equipment by calling LOT Call Center in advance (not later than 24 hours before the departure), stating the kind of equipment, its weight and dimensions.
  • The maximum weight of sporting equipment must not exceed 45 kg. The heavier item should be sent as cargo, in such case please contact LOT Cargo.
  • We would like to remind you that if you continue your journey with another carrier, please get familiar with baggage rules of such a carrier, to avoid denial of your baggage.
  • Miles and More Program members, holding cards: HON, SEN and Star Alliance Gold, are entitled to check-in also one golf and ski equipment free of charge on LOT flights ( with exception of the USA and Canada routes).
  • The security guard's gun is free.

Charges for carriage of sporting equipment
Sports equipment Domestic
Intercontinental flights 
bike 50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a regular bike (no motor/no e-bike), children's bike, one-wheel bike
50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a set of bow and arrow packed in a protective container
50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 two rods, a bag or a box, a pair of fishing boots, a tackle box or a landing net
50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a golf bag containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, a pair of golf shoes
50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a hockey bag, hockey sticks, a pair of ice skates, a set of body protection, a helmet
inline-skates 50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a pair of inline skates, a set of body protection, a helmet
javelin 50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a set of javelin equipment packed in a container
50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a board for e.x. water sports
50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000 a kite, a board
bowling equipment 50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000  a bowling bag, a bowling ball, a pair of shoes
parachute equipmenti 50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000  a set of parachute equipment packed in a container
alpinist equipment/
50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000 a backpack, an ice pick, a pair of climbing iron, 1 pair of shoes
50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000 a diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, regulator, an empty tank bottle, a lamp
50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000  a board, a set of body protection, a helmet
 ski/waterski equipment  50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000 a pair of ski, a pair of poles, a pair of boots, a helmet
 snowboard  50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000  a snowboard, a pair of boots, a helmet
hunting weapons*
 50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000 sporting/hunting guns, pistols, rifles plus ammunition (packed in separate bag)
badminton equipment
 50/12/15/15  200/50/60/60  400/100/140/120000  a set of rackets and balls packed in a thermobag
surfboard 50/12/15/15 200/50/60/60 400/100/140/120000 a board up to 2 m
windsurf equipment 100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140 900/200/300/270000 a board, a sail, a boom, a mast, a gear bag
kayak 100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140 900/200/300/270000 a kayak or a canoe (no motor attached)
hang gliding equipment  100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140  900/200/300/270000  la set of hang gliding equipment packed in a container
horse riding equipment 100/25/30/30  400/100/140/140  900/200/300/270000  a saddle, a set of horse harness, a horse whip, a pair of riding boots, a bareback pad, 1 set of polo sticks
 longboard  100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140   900/200/300/270000 a board exceeding 2 m
pole vault equipment  100/25/30/30  400/100/140/140  900/200/300/270000 a set of vaulting poles packed in a container
rubber dinghy 100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140 900/200/300/270000 a rubber dinghy (not motor attached), 1 set of paddles
tandem bike 100/25/30/30 400/100/140/140 900/200/300/270000 a tandem bike (not motor/not e-bike)
small lithium battery-powered vehicle** not allowed not allowed not allowed airwheel, solowheel, hoverboard, mini-segway, balance wheel

*sporting/hunting waepon must be declared; it's only charged if packed in a separate bag. Small pieces of guns packed in a regular baggage, if within free baggage allowance, are free of charge. Exeption: Additional payment must be done by departure in: Italy up to 90 EUR, Turkey - 30 EUR, Great Britain - 50 GBP.

**According to IATA recomendation, small lithium battery-powered vehicles are not allowed as checked or hand baggage with LOT Polish Airlines! Some examples of these small lithium battery-powered vehicles are: airwheel, solowheel, hoverboard, mini-segway, balance wheel.

The fee is for one way journey and includes the whole set of sporting equipment (even if it is packed in a separated bag, e.g. 1  pair of ski + ski boots + helmet).

Please note the regulation of dangerous goods.