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lot Polish Airlines Regulations for Providing Services by Electronic Means

§ 1

  • These Regulations specify the terms and conditions for providing services by electronic means by lot Polish Airlines S.A. (called hereinafter PLL lot) using Internet sites owned by PLL lot.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be considered as regulations pursuant to art. 8 of the Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means, of July 18th, 2002.

§ 2

  • PLL lotshall provide the following services by electronic means:
    • execution of aviation transport agreements using Internet sites - lot system TicketsOnLine,
    • providing information on PLL lot flight schedule,
    • flight tracking service,
    • information on current promotions and offers of PLL lot.
  • Exclusive rights to the contents made available through the Service, concerning in particular copyright, separate right to databases, rights pursuant to the registration of trade marks are granted to PLL lot or to units with whom lot entered appropriate agreements.

§ 3

  • The Service is available to every person visiting Internet site at, with the reservation of § 4 point 1.
  • Services specified in § 2 point 1 are free of charge.

§ 4

  • Services provided by PLL lotby electronic means can be executed correctly on condition that the telecommunications and EDP system of the recipient meets the following minimum technical requirements:
    • it uses Firefox 1.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0 or more recent browsers with installed software to use Java Script and applets,
    • it uses in some instances Flash 4 or later software, Quicktime, Acrobat Reader and de-compressing software.
  • The Internet site is optimised to 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • PLL lot is not responsible for technical problems or limitations occurring on the hardware of the user, which might prohibit the use of services specified in § 2 point 1.

§ 5

  • Use of the service involves installation of cookies files in the telecommunications and EDP system of the user.
  • The service is provided on condition that the installation of cookies is allowed.

§ 6

  • It is prohibited to use services provided by PLL lot with the aim which violates the binding law.

§ 7

  • All complaints concerning services provided by PLL lot by electronic means shall be sent via contact form.
  • A complaint should include first name, surname and detailed address of the complaining party, as well as detailed description and reason for submitting a complaint.
  • Complaints shall be considered by PLL lot immediately, in the order of receiving them.
  • The person submitting a complaint shall be notified on the manner of considering the complaint in the same way in which the complaint has been delivered, at the address specified in the complaint.

§ 8

All controversies resulting from providing services by PLL lot by electronic means pursuant to these Regulations shall be subjected by the Parties to the jurisdiction of Polish courts.