#WeWillFlyAgain - this slogan today unites the entire aviation industry and is especially important to us. Our current work focuses on analyzing and planning to be ready for new challenges.

Although we had to come back down to earth for a while, we didn't forget how incredible the world looks from the sky. We are sure that we will soon be supporting you again in running your business, reuniting families, planning holidays and opening new horizons for all travellers.

As we all know exceptional times require unusual actions - mobilization and finding yourself in a new reality. As an airline with over 90 years of tradition, we aim big and focus on the future and continuing development.

The last few weeks have been a huge challenge for all of us. During such times, the term "national carrier" gains a special meaning. We are proud that in this difficult period, we could become synonymous with cooperation and commitment to an important matter. 



On April 5th, we completed an important and beautiful chapter in LOT’s history - project - #LOTdoDomu operation. In 22 days, we safely brought home 54,000 Poles and around 2,000 foreigners. This is only a small part of our business, but very important for our passengers, as well as workers and cabin crew involved in the project. Thank you!



As a part of the special project #CARGOdlaPolski from the middle of March we began bringing to Poland protective materials and medical equipment for doctors and medical centres standing on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. We have organized over 70 medical cargo flights, importing over 9,700 m3 of necessary medical materials, including masks, helmets, goggles, medical overalls and respirators.

Operation #CARGOdlaPolski in the lens

Below you will find a photo report of the two most spectacular transports of medical and health protection equipment – the first of four scheduled LOT Dreamliner’s flights to Poznan, which brought to Poland materials purchased by Kulczyk Foundation, and the first ever arrival of Antonov An-225 Mrija of Ukrainian Antonov Airlines to Warsaw.

source: Jakub Wittchen, Kulczyk Foundation

Since April 5, the #CARGOdlaPolski operation is gaining momentum. Until April 21, we have transported over 775 tonnes of cargo to Poland within 45 flights.

As part of the air bridge between Poland and China, we carry out medical cargo, by means of which health protection equipment to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is being transported. Flights are operated mainly from ports in Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul. Since April 14, we have been flying from Shanghai every day. These operations are of invaluable importance for maintaining the supply chain of crucial medical products and combat the pandemic.

source: Jakub Wittchen, Kulczyk Foundation

Up to date we have brought to Poland 775 tons of surgical masks, masks with filters, coveralls, helmets and goggles in total. Medical cargo flights under the #CARGOdlaPolski operation are carried out at the request of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.