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Baggage check-in at lot self check-in kiosks in Warsaw If you’re travelling with lot Polish Airlines from the Warsaw Chopin Airport, you can now easily and quickly check your baggage at one of many lot self check-in counters. It’s very easy to use the kiosk! To check your baggage in you just need to enter your data or scan your boarding card. After that you have to print a self-adhesive baggage tag, apply it to your baggage and hand the baggage over at a lot Bag Drop station. Individual baggage check-in is only possible if you’re travelling directly to your destination, with no transfers. Baggage check-in at a self check-in kiosk – how does it work? If you’re checking in using a self check-in lot kiosk in Warsaw, you can easily check your baggage in at the same time. Step 1 If you have already checked in using the internet or Mobile Check-in and you have a boarding card, please place it on the scanner. If you’re using a mobile boarding card, please make sure that your phone has an enabled backlight. Please check the details of your reservation – it will be presented on the screen – and should the information be correct, press the Baggage check-in button. After answering questions regarding your baggage transport and after defining the amount of baggage the baggage check-in will be complete. Please cautiously apply to all instructions on the screen. A self-adhesive baggage tag will be printed automatically. Should there be an attempt to check in more baggage pieces than the limit defines, the tags will not be printed and appropriate information will inform you about a baggage excess. You will be asked to contact a lot counter to cover additional baggage costs. Step 2 Attach the tag to your bag or valise (preferably to the handle). Every piece of baggage will receive a separate printed baggage section – it will serve as confirmation of baggage check-in. Take it with you and keep it until you receive your bags at your destination airport. Step 3 Go to the lot Bag Drop station, where you will be able to verify the weight of your baggage and hand the baggage over to the airport staff. Conditions of checking baggage in at a self check-in kiosk Should you be travelling with baggage exceeding the limits of lot regulations or with special baggage, please proceed to the check-in counters and check your baggage in there. Should you encounter any problems or doubts, please contact our personnel, who will be glad to assist you. Should you decide not to check your baggage in after already having completed the baggage check-in procedure and printing a baggage tag, please contact the staff to correct your travel information. Conditions of checking in baggage a tan oversized baggage counter Unusual baggage, such as surfing boards, strollers, big bags etc., should be checked in separately at a special oversized baggage check-in counter. Airport Staff will inform you whether your baggage is oversized and will direct you to the correct baggage check-in place.