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Plan a trip
  • Booking

    • 1 How can I book a ticket for a flight?
      You can make a reservation in several ways: on our homepage www.lot.com, by clicking on the information about the deals & offers or by clicking here. Making a reservation is also possible at LOT Contact Centre.
    • 2 What should I do, if I see a message with an error whilst making my reservation?
      If an information with an error appears whilst making your reservation, urgently contact LOT Contact Centre - you will be able to finish the transaction by phone.
    • 3 How can I book additional services?
      You can choose additional services whilst making a reservation on our website www.lot.com after submitting passengers' details. If you already have a ticket, purchase of additional services is available in "Manage My Booking. Purchase of some services, such as for example: carriage of animals, assistance for children travelling unattended or carriage of weapons, can only be made at LOT Contact Centre.
    • 4 Where can I find current deals & offers?

      Current deals & offers can be found here.

    • 5 What documents do I need when travelling?

      You need a document certyfying your identity - an ID Card (Identity Card) or a passport (depending on a country you are travelling to) and a boarding card. Your boarding card can either be downloaded from our website www.lot.com (check-in online); picked up from a self check-in station (airport check-in kiosk) or at the check-in counter at the airport. Downloading your boarding card is free of charge. In case of questions regarding visas, please contact the embassy of the relevant country directly.

    • 6 Can I book a one-way ticket?

      On our homepage www.lot.com you can find a flights browser. You can mark there, whether you are interested in a "one-way" or a "round-trip" flight.

    • 7 Can I book flights to multiple cities, so-called multi-city ticket or an open-jaw ticket?

      The reservation and purchase of such ticket is available in Multi-city section.

    • 8 How can I purchase a travel insurance?

      You can purchase a travel insurance whilst making a reservation on www.lot.com or in Manage My Booking.

    • 9 Can I book a ticket for somebody else?

      Reservation can be made for anyone. It is not necessary for the passenger to be the payor.

    • 10 How can I change my reservation?

      At present only way to change your booking is by calling LOT Contact Centre and in LOT Offices, e.g. At the airport. Addresses of the offices can be found here

    • 11 Where can I find detailed information about my ticket?
      All the information about your ticket (the tariff, possibility of introducing changes etc.) can be found upon the purchase. These information will be available in the next step after you have chosen the dates and times of your flights. If you already have a ticket, check the tariff, then click here and read the terms and conditions of your tariff. Remember to select the type of flight and the service class in the panel on top. If you wish to know the detailed terms and conditions of a tariff, you are encouraged to contact LOT Contact Centre.
    • 12 How can I book a group flight?
      You can book a group flight through the "Offer for groups" tab.
  • Ancilliary services

    • 1 How can I purchase additional piece of baggage?

      Additional piece of baggage can be purchased, by using "My Extra Baggage" service. It is available whilst making the reservation of your ticket at www.lot.com after submitting passengers' details. If you already have a ticket, purchase of additional services is available in "Manage My Booking

    • 2 How can I reserve a seat on the plane?

      You can select your seat on the plane by using "My favourite seat" service. You will get access to the service whilst making your reservation. If you already have a reservation, you can purchase the service in Manage My Booking or by calling LOT Contact Centre. Seat selection is a paid service. // You can also choose your seat free of charge - this option is available during the last 36 hours prior to departure (in "Check-in online" tab). At that point however, you will only be able to choose from seats, which have not been selected beforehand - therefore there will be lesser choice.

    • 3 How can I make an upgrade? i.e. Increase the comfort of my journey.

      If you decide to travel in a higher service class, you can purchase an upgrade. This can be done in two ways. You can either do this through the "My reservation" tab, where you can place your offer on our bidding platform - more details can be found here. Or you can call LOT Contact Center, where - subject to seat availability - an upgrade in a special price is available within the last 24 hours prior to departure of your flight. Besides the above, subject to seat availability, it is always possible to change your ticket to the higher class upon a full payment.

    • 4 How can I book additional services?

      You can choose additional services whilst making a reservation or our website www.lot.com after submitting passengers' details. If you already have a ticket, purchase of additional services is available in "Manage My BookingPurchase of some additional services, such as: carriage of animals, assistance for children travelling unattended or carriage of weapons can only be done at LOT Contact Centre

    • 5 How can I purchase travel insurance?

      Special insurance packages for clients of LOT Polish Airlines are available at www.lot.com - you can read about them and purchase them whilst making your reservation or in "Manage My Booking"

    • 6 Can I take a guitar (or other music equipment) as a carry-on baggage?

      You can take your music equipment with you as a carry-on baggage, but only given that it does not exceed the size and weight allowance for a carry-on baggage. If the size or weight of the music equipment exceeds these limits, you can check it in as a registered baggage in the baggage hold or purchase additional registered baggage, marked as SPEQ. Altenartively you can purchase an additional seat on the plane for your instrument.Purchase of such ticket is available at LOT Contact Centre.

    • 7 How can I purchase assistance for a child?

      The assistance for a child travelling unattended can be booked and purchased at LOT Contact Centre, LOT Offices and selected travel agencies. NOTE: This service is not available at www.lot.com, and its purchase is possible latest 24 hours prior to departure. We recommend to purchase the assistance as soon as possible - the number of children travelling under airline's assistance is limited.

    • 8 Can someone help me claim my baggage upon arrival?

      If you require assistance with claiming your baggage after arrival, you can choose one of our additional services - Bag Delivery. It is available at AirKiosk.LOT.

    • 9 What can I do, if I need a special assistance during my journey, e.g. a wheelchair?

      Special assistance can be booked through www.lot.com. Whilst making your reservation, after submitting passengers' details you can mark the field: "Passenger requires special assistance". On the list there, you will be able to choose services, which you require. Special assistance can also be purchased through LOT Contact Centre.

    • 10 Where can I order my favourite meal?

      You can purchase "My favourite meal" service through LOT Contact Centre and in LOT Offices.

    • 11 Does LOT offer a meal onboard?

      The meals and drinks selection differs depending on the service class and type of the flight. All information on this topic can be found here.

    • 12 Where can I purchase additional services, when travelling on a code-share flight?
      Purchase of additional services for code-share flights is only available at the airport. It is due to the necessity of issuing a physical document, confirming particular service.
    • 13 Does my ticket come with a free piece of checked baggage?
      Each ticket issued in Lux, Saver, Promo tariff, is entitled to a free piece of checked baggage. The only exception is the Economy Saver tariff on domestic and short-haul flights (no baggage tariff), where - if you need a checked-in baggage - you may purchase it as an additional service.
  • Changing or canceling reservation

    • 1 How can I change the name and surname on my ticket?
      LOT does not offer a possibility of changing the surname on a sold the ticket - a ticket cannot be signed over to another passenger. There are three exceptions from this rule:
      (1) change of surname being a result of the change of marital status, as long as this change took place after the ticket had been purchased;
      (2) a typing error in the name or surname (up to 3 characters), which does not change its repercussion;
      (3) when the name and surname have been swapped in the form.
      You can introduce changes by contacting LOT Contact Centre. Remember: such changes are made upon a fee.
    • 2 How can I change my reservation?
      Making changes in your bookings is only possible via LOT Contact Centre.
    • 3 How can I cancel my reservation?

      If you wish to cancel your reservation and get a refund for the ticketuse our refund form in Manage My Booking or contact LOT Contact Centre

      Remember: LOT Contact Centre can only accept refunds for tickets issued through www.lot.com or purchased through LOT Contact Centre. If the ticket had been issued through another distribution channel, contact the issuer of the ticket directly.

    • 4 How can I change contact details in my reservation?

      Contact details can be changed in "My reservation", then choose "Change my Details".

    • 5 What is the cut-off date for changing the date of departure?

      The cut-off date for changing the date of your departure is on the day of scheduled flight. Remember: you need to change the date of your flight before the check-in for the original flight begins, which means max. 3 hours prior to the original flight.

  • Payments

    • 1 How can I get a payment confirmation?
      The payment confirmation is generated automatically after the process of purchasing the ticket is finished and then sent to the indicated email address. If you wish to retrieve the payment confirmation again, click here and in the panel on the right side choose "Send email with the confirmation".
    • 2 What can I do, if my payment was rejected?
      If your payment was rejected, you can finish it by contacting LOT Contact Centre. Be advised however, that you have 3 hours to conclude the payment. After that, your reservation will be cancelled.
    • 3 How can I use my promo code?

      There are two ways of using a promo code. Option one: you can access it through the dedicated link sent out with the promo code. Option two: you can enter the promo code in the flights search on our homepage www.lot.com under "I have a promo code" field. Promo codes are only valid for purchases made at www.lot.com.

    • 4 Which forms of payment are accepted in each market?

      At www.lot.com we accept all major credit and debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, JCB, UATP, Bancontact/Mister Cash), as well as payments through PayPAL. On the Polish market we additionally offer bank transfers made through DOTPAY. You can find a list of payment methods available on each market in the footer (on the bottom) of our homepage www.lot.com. 

    • 5 What payment transfers (from which banks) are accepted at lot.com website?

      We accept payment transfers from the following banks: mTransfer; Inteligo; iPKO; BLIK; Pekao SA; Deutsche Bank; PeoPay;Credit Agricole; PlusBank; BankBGŻ; BNP Paribas; VolkswagenBank; Bank Pocztowy; BZ WBK; IKO; ING; BPH; Millennium; Alior Bank; Citi Handlowy; Raiffeisen Bank; Toyota Bank; BOŚ; T-Mobile Banking Services; Eurobank; Idea Bank. If you cannot execute the transfer from any of the above-mentioned banks, please contact LOT Contact Centre. LOT Contact Centre accepts payment transfers made in the following currencies: PLN and EUR. .

    • 6 Are there any additional fees for purchasing a ticket?

      By purchasing your ticket at www.lot.com you avoid any additional fees. Be advised however that for purchasing a ticket through LOT Contact Centre or LOT office, transaction fee is charged.

    • 7 When buying a ticket at lot.com website, is it possible to pay later (eg. in cash) ?

      If you are purchasing the ticket at www.lot.com, you need to pay for it whilst making the reservation - only then will the confirmation for reservation and the e-ticket be sent out.

    • 8 Ways and payment methods at lot.com

      To learn more about the payments go to "Payment Methods" tab.

  • Useful information

    • 1 What is a reservation number?
      The reservation number is the number of the order for ticket on scheduled flight. Reservation number consists of 6 characters (digits and letters).
    • 2 What is an electronic ticket number?
      The electronic ticket number is an individual number of each passenger. It consists of 13 digits (LOT Polish Airlines' ticket numbers begin with 080 - ).
    • 3 What is a code-share flight?

      Code-share is a flight, for which a number of airlines sell their tickets and each does so with their own flight number. Effectively, the flight is operated by one of these airlines. For instance LOT operates the flight from Warsaw to Munich under the flight number LO365, whilst Lufthansa sells tickets for the same flight under a different flight number (e.g. LH057).

    • 4 What should I do, if I lose my ticket or electronic ticket?

      If you lost your ticket you can retrieve it in a number of ways. Firstly, if you know the reservation or the ticket number, contact LOT Contact Centre - your e-ticket will be sent out again via email. Secondly, if you do not know neither the ticket number nor the reservation number - go to the nearest LOT office with a valid ID. Adresses of our offices can be found here.

    • 5 How long is my ticket valid for?

      Tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. NOTE: If you introduce changes to the ticket prior to the commencement of your journey, the entire journey in question must end within 12 months from the date of issue of your ticket. If you introduce changes after the journey has begun, then the entire journey must end within 12 months from the date of its beginning. In other words: If you purchased a round-trip ticket and you have already used the outbound segment, then the ticket is only valid for the 12 months from the date of departure.

    • 6 Through which distribution channels can I purchase a ticket?

      Tickets can be purchased at www.lot.com, LOT Contact Centre, LOT Offices, LOT TRAVEL Offices and at selected travel agencies.

    • 7 What documents do I need when travelling?

      During your journey you should have with you a and undamaged valid ID - depending on the requirements of the country you are travelling to, it is either a passport or an ID card. Remember: some countries require a valid visa, so check the visa requirements on the website of the embassy of a relevant country you are travelling to.

    • 8 How do I know that my reservation was successful?

      If making your reservation and purchasing your ticket was successful, you will receive an electronic confirmation of your purchase. It will be sent to the indicated email address. If you do not receive such confirmation, contact LOT Contact Centre.

  • Digitalpress

    • 1 How do I save digital press to the Books app on an iOS device?

      1. If you want to download an online PDF file to iBooks first open it in Safari and tap once on any part of the document.

      2. A menu bar opens in the lower part of the screen. Tap on “copy to Books”.

      3. The document will now automatically be saved in “Books”.

    • 2 How do I save the ePapers to an Android device?

      1. If you want to download a PDF file from the internet onto your Android device first open your browser and select the document.

      2. With most devices the document is then automatically downloaded. Once this process is completed the PDF can be found in your local “Downloads” folder. You can then open the document in the folder by clicking on it.

      3. When the PDF document opens in the browser, save it to a location on your device by clicking the “save symbol” (usually displayed as a disc). You’ll find it in the “Downloads” folder.

    • 3 How do I resolve issues with downloading the titles?

      Make sure you have downloaded the latest update for browser and iOS/Android operation system on your device.
      Please use an alternative browser, for example Firefox or Chrome.

      If the problem still occurs we recommend to delete your browser’s cache and clear the cookies. This option can be found in the internet settings of your browser.

      Hint: If the download is interrupted for any reason you can choose the same newspaper/magazine again and download it even if the download counter states “0”.

    • 4 For what period of time is the digital press available?

      You can download your digital press onto your smartphone, tablet or notebook for 36 hours before the departure and up to 6 hours after the flight. You can find the validity date in the Media Box below the number of available downloads.

    • 5 How many complimentary downloads I get?
      Short-haul flights Long-haul flights Domestic flights
      LOT Economy Class 1 1 1
      LOT Premium Economy 2 3 n/a
      LOT Business Class 3 5 n/a

      * short haul flights – our international flights up to 5h
      * long haul flights – our international flights longer than 5h

      Complimentary downloads can be used for any of over 1000 newspapers and magazines available in our Media Box. If you have a connecting flight, the download limit for each segment add up.

    • 6 How do I download digital press?
      • “Manage my booking” at lot.com
      • at lot.com/digitalpress
      • the LOT mobile app

      In the Media Box you’ll find the latest editions of your favourite newspapers and magazines. Click on the cover of your desired newspaper/ magazine and confirm the download onto your portable electronic device. You can either use your free download volume for the entire trip at once or up to 6 hours after your flight lands.