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People at the airport

To meet the needs of our passengers, we have prepared a special offer that will give you greater freedom and flexibility when planning your trip. We introduced Economy FLEX PLUS, Premium FLEX PLUS and Business FLEX PLUS fares, which include:

  •  free of charge travel date change;
  •  possibility of canceling the ticket at a preferential price (the price depends on the travel class and length of the trip);
  • possibility to change the date of travel for 100 EUR, if you will not show on the flight;
  • possibility of changing the data of traveller up to 48 hours before the start of the journey at a price of 250PLN / 60EUR on flights operated by LOT.

Discover benefits of FLEX PLUS fares on direct domestic, international and intercontinental flights:

LOT Economy FLEX PLUS on domestic and international flights:

Economy PLUS fare short haul

LOT Business FLEX PLUS on domestic and international flights:

Business PLUS fare short haul

LOT Economy FLEX PLUS on intercontinental flights:

Economy PLUS fare_longhaul

LOT Premium FLEX PLUS on intercontinental flights:

Premium PLUS fare longhaul

LOT Business FLEX PLUS on intercontinental flights:

Business PLUS fare longhaul

Flexible rebooking.

You can obtain a full refund if a ticket is cancelled up to 24 hours after purchasing.*
You can change the date and / or route of your journey free of charge, once. If the price of the new tickets is higher than the price of the replaced one, we will give you a discount of 200 PLN from the surcharge.**

Do you feel that it is too early to make a decision about a cancelled flight? Use our Voucher!
It is valid for one year from the date of issue. During this time you can exchange it for a new flight within the next 12 months, or even give the voucher to someone else! Is your new ticket cheaper? We will pay you back the difference with a new voucher.

 *Offer valid for tickets purchased before March 31, 2021.
 ** Offer valid for tickets purchased before October 31, 2020.