What to do on holidays in Dubai?

7 things you must do in Dubai

Dubaj by night

Dubai is a non-obvious city that is associated with luxury, state-of-the-art technologies and skyscrapers. It is a destination that offers endless supply of experiences in a relatively small stretch of land in the heart of a desert. Fancy catching a bit of sun on a beach with a view of the exclusive Burj Al Arab Hotel, and transferring to a winter resort in the evening? Everything is possible in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Read about things that you must do in Dubai, a city of contrasts and diverse cultures.

Get to the top of Burj Khalifa and see Dubai from a different perspective

In Dubai must-see is the world's tallest building shoots into the sky like a steel needle. The impressive 828 metre structure is a symbol of modern architecture, reflecting the tremendous progress, development and richness of Dubai. When book your admission ticket in advance, you can choose between observation decks on the 124th, 125th or 148th floors. The stunning view is truly breathtaking, and the city's buildings seen from the top glitter beautifully in the sun against the desert.

Jump with a parachute and glide over the Jumeirah palm tree

If you haven't jumped with a parachute yet, holidays in Dubai are an ideal moment to pursue some extreme dreams. The highly qualified instructors of the SkyDubai parachute school will take care of you and show Dubai from a different perspective. It is an opportunity to see the luxurious date palm shaped island in all its glory. The artificial island of Jumeirah is famous for outstanding infrastructure, luxurious hotels, holiday resorts, exquisite restaurants and a huge water park with numerous attractions.

Sunbathe on the Jumeirah beach

The beautiful Jumeirah beach offers white sand, turquoise water and the best view of the 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel. Since its characteristic sail-like shape is present in every story from holidays in Dubai, you can't afford not to have it in your memories.

Aerial view of Dubai beach and Burj Al Arab

Do some skiing or snowboarding

Skiing on a 40 degree Celsius scorcher? In Dubai everything is possible. The shopping centre Mul al-Imarat has a skiing facility where you can indulge in various winter attractions in chilly atmosphere, as the temperature in the facility is below zero. Meet penguins, do some aerobics on snow, zorb downhill, have snowball fight and visit a snow cave. A winter day in the middle of the summer does not happen very often, does it?

Have a walk in an Arab bazaar

In Dubai there are many souks, as traditional Arab bazaars are called. It will be a true feast for your senses. Intensive aromas, intoxicating scent of incense and perfumes, incredible buzz, exotic music, colourful cloths, spices arranged in picturesque pyramids, jewellery glittering in the sun… Walks the narrow alleys and enjoy the charming Middle Eastern atmosphere.

Try some camel milk delicacies

Discover new flavours in the The Majlis café in Dubai Mall. Start your day with camelccino or camellatte, i.e. espresso mixed with delicious camel milk, which is characterised by rich content of minerals and vitamins. Have you coffee with exquisite confectionery based on camel milk with some dates, nuts and spices. The sweet feats can be crowned with delicious ice cream.

Stacks of spices in a Dubai souk

Have an evening stroll in Marina Dubai

Travel in time walking down the futuristic promenade and watching the illuminated skyscrapers around you. The amazing view is complemented by luxurious yachts and bustling restaurants. The space metropolis is amazing during the day and at night. If you are wondering what to see in Dubai, Marina should be a must-see point in your list.

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