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Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and at the same time an undiscovered travel destination

Take a trip to Nur-Sultan and admire the beautiful city built in the 21st century!

Nur-Sultan: Towering over the northern steppes

With its modern skyscrapers and futuristic architecture - designed by international artists - Nur-Sultan clearly stands out from the plains of the region. With only 50% of planned projects completed, it is a city of the future that will delight its vistors for years to come. Let us be Your first step in the journey towards the pearl of Central Asia! 

Kazakh Hospitality

Because of the city's constant growth, new airport and train station terminals have been built - doubling the amount of passenger capacity in both. Additionally, citizens of more than 60 countries, including Poland, are eligible for a visa-free stay up to 30 days. (» Information about visas to Kazakhstan)

  • Warsaw (WAW) Nur-Sultan (Astana) (TSE)
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EXPO 2017

EXPO 2017
Nur-Sultan received major international recognition by hosting the Future Energy-themed EXPO 2017. The entire 25ha site was designed to be energy self-sufficient by incorporating 17 renewable-energy projects designed for the event. Over 3.8 million people visited the pavilions organised by 115 countries and 22 international organizations. After the EXPO, the entire grounds were repurposed for educational and commercial use. 
Nurzhol Boulevard
Called the main artery of the city, Nurzhol Boulevard connects the 'heart' of the city, the 97-meter-tall viewing tower of Bayterek,  from the presidential palace - Ak Orda, to the world's largest marquee and a signature building of the city - Khan Shatyr. Along the boulevard unique and locally-nicknamed buildings rise to the sky, like the 'beer cans' that connect the House of Ministries with the approach to Ak Orda, the 'northern lights' residential towers, or the 'lighter,' a tower which is home to the Transport and Communications Ministry. Moreover, some of the cities iconic buildings were designed by British architect Norman Foster: Palace of Peace and Accord and Khan Shatyr. 
Bayterek Tower
Ak Orda
International Design & Culture
With over 100 nationalities living in Kazakhstan, that is reflected in Nur-Sultan's rich and varied food scene: from traditional comfort food, renowned beshparmak and shashlik (skewered meat of many types), and local brew to international delicacies of, for example, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Georgian cuisines. 
If You wish to have a more cultural experience, You can visit Astana Opera, the largest opera and ballet theater in Central Asia, or listen to traditional instruments in the Central Concert Hall. To discover Kazakh history, it is best to visit the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You will be greated by an enormous golden eagle under the sun (a reference to a Kazakh legend) and inside its halls, the museum exhibits history from the archeological and pre-historical roots, to World War II, Gulags, and Kazakh modern art. 
Astana Opera
Central Concert Hall
Khan Shatyr


An Oasis of the Steppes
Khan Shatyr, with its 150-meter-tall off-center spire holding up the structure's heat-absorbing material, can maintain an interior temperature of 20+ degrees Celsius year-round. Furthermore, on the top floor, sand has been imported from the Maldives to create the Sky Beach Club. The separate resort has swimming pools, water slides, palm trees, and maintains a temperature of ~30 degrees Celsius throughout the year to create a tropical climate - a fantastic escape from the harsh winters of the capital.

Beyond the City
If You wish the escape the city's hustle and bustle, Lake Burabay is the place to go. Located 3 hours from the city and with the nearby resort town of Burabay offering a convenient stay, the serene lake is a popular destination among the capital's residents and tourists.
Lake Burabay
The biggest marvels of Kazakhstan's nature can be seen in the south-eastern regions of the country. After taking a flight to Kazakhstan's biggest city, Almaty, and then a couple-hour drive, You can experience the spectacular sights of the Charyn Canyon, often described as the Grand Canyon's smaller, yet still as impressive counterpart; or Lake Kaindy, formed after a 1911 earthquake, its cold waters helped preserve the tree trunks and created an imagery described as a "sunken forest." Located right outside Almaty's limits, the Shymbulak mountain resort, largest in Central Asia, offers many winter activities and ski slopes of various difficulties. To avoid countless hairpin turns on the way, a new express gondola system from the Medeu skating rink, the highest in the world,  was built, offering fantastic views of the city and the Tian Shan mountains. 
Charyn Canyon
Lake Kaindy