15 September 2023 marks the launch of LOT Polish Airlines’ branding campaign under the slogan It’s who you travel with. The new communication platform has been implemented by the GREY Group Poland Agency. The campaign echoes the values and heritage of LOT Polish Airlines and emphasises the importance of a multi-generational brand experience.

In its new campaign, LOT Polish Airlines proves that flying is not just about travelling from one destination to another. This means something more, definitely. The brand makes it clear that who you are travelling with matters a lot, as the airline is not only a carrier, but also a true companion for fulfilling travel dreams.

The launch of the new campaign represents an extremely important moment for our company. Marketing analyses guided us towards a new direction for the LOT brand, based on values relevant to building brand image and awareness. We sought to craft a story from the perspective of our customers, to present a brand that is cheerful, emotionally engaging, and nurtures relationships with passengers. Within the campaign, our desire involved accentuating the uniqueness of the travel experience so strongly that we wanted to share it with the next generation. The LOT brand also stands for the power to make our dreams, whether of flying or exploring the world, come true. I belive that the addressees of our campaign can feel the sense of the importance of who they are travelling with, comments Ewa Lampart, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, LOT Polish Airlines.

The campaign material was directed by Szymon Pawlik and Film Production is in charge of production. The canvas of the promotional film features the multi-generational experience of the PLL LOT brand, articulated through the symbol of a backpack marked with travel pins, which is passed down from generation to generation. The spot highlights that LOT Polish Airlines is more than just a carrier – it is a genuine companion for making travel dreams come true, providing passengers with what is most important in travelling: comfort and safety. The hallmark of the campaign – alongside the distinctive and engaging content and Maciej Ryter’s emotionally evocative photographs – lies in the captivating soundtrack.

What is noteworthy is that besides professional actors, the spot featured representatives of the cabin crew, who can be encountered every day on LOT Polish Airlines flights. The footage starred Dorota Żuchaj, Magdalena Boruć, Martyna Gradusiak, Emilia Szmolke and Natan Kubala.

Flying comes from a passion for experiencing the world and an openness to explore other cultures and new people. By creating the communication platform for LOT Polish Airlines, we therefore wanted to tell the story of this passion in an interesting and modern way. It was a huge production challenge – from logistics to exciting creative choices. The final shape of the campaign reflects the efforts of many people, including the extremely talented director Szymon Pawlik, whose keen eye for framing and excellent sense of tone contributed to the creation of a campaign bespoke to the unique global brand that is LOT Polish Airlines. This makes me proud that each and every element here is top-notch – from the music, through shooting, to the acting and final editing, adds Jakub Korolczuk, Creative Director, GREY Group Poland.

Grey Group Poland prepared the strategy and advertising campaign, media was planned and purchased by Sigma BIS Media House. All activities were carried out in cooperation with PLL LOT's Marketing Office team.

The communication platform will enable the campaign to be presented across multiple media channels. It has utilised cutting-edge advertising formats to maximise the potential for long-term and informed consumer contact with the content. There have also been dozens of distinct formats created for both traditional and digital media. As well as Poland, the campaign will also run in the North American, South Korean and German markets.

You are more than welcome to take a look at the materials promoting the campaign.