Warsaw, 1 September 2023

 LOT Polish Airlines has announced further changes to its aircraft, and these involve new porcelain in LOT Business Class and LOT Premium Economy. This is all to upgrade the quality of service and enhance the passenger experience.


The new tableware will be supplied to the carrier by Kaelis Group, a Spanish manufacturer. Its products stand out for their contemporary design, whilst also being extremely lightweight. Owing to their markedly lower weight, they will reduce fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of operations

A Polish touch had to be incorporated into the new porcelain set, thus one of the plates will come from Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Karolina, a Polish company that has been on the market for more than 160 years.

The arrival of new porcelain onboard LOT Polish Airlines’ LOT Business Class and LOT Premium Economy flights marks the next stage of the “High Flight Collection” campaign. This represents a process of reshaping the onboard product offering that aims at upgrading and refreshing the carrier’s service range. The porcelain replacement process will be brought onboard on a phased basis. So far, the passengers can already enjoy it on flights to the USA and Canada. The next steps will involve replacing the tableware on flights to Asia and on LOT Business Class short-haul flights.

“I am delighted that we can present you with further enhancements that are a perfect expression of how our company is evolving. We have brought in a highly experienced manufacturer for this collaboration, whose products display outstanding attention to detail. In designing the porcelain together, we looked for solutions that would present our menu well, which we change on a regular basis to suit passengers’ expectations, taking inspiration from both Polish cuisine and the culinary traditions of the destinations to which we are flying. It was therefore equally important for us to bring onboard new, fresh designs that are also timeless”, says Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of the Product Development and Customer Experience Department.


The Spanish manufacturer, Kaelis Group, will provide the new porcelain tableware onboard the national carrier. Remarkably, it was designed in its entirety specifically for LOT Polish Airlines. With its cutting-edge design, it will make it possible to better showcase dishes and enhance the satisfaction and experience of the meal. The entire set consists of 11 items - a small starter plate, a salad bowl, a large starter plate, a porcelain casserole for warming, an espresso cup, a cappuccino cup, a butter plate, a mug, a saucer, a large main course plate as well as a soup bowl.


Bearing in mind the attention that LOT Polish Airlines attaches to supporting Polish companies, the new tableware had to feature a touch from the country on the Vistula River. The national carrier has incorporated one unique item into the set - a main course plate, manufactured by Poland’s Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Karolina. What is worth highlighting is that the manufacturer has been on the market for more than 160 years.

The new porcelain is the next stage in the introduction of changes to LOT Polish Airlines’ offering. In recent months, the national airline announced its collaboration with the Polish innovative brand Phenomé, which provides onboard LOT Business Class amenity kits packed with all-natural products. Before that, LOT Polish Airlines and Krosno Glass had announced a long-term cooperation for the supply of glassware for the LOT Business Class and LOT Premium Economy flights. Thanks to the cooperation, products from the Krosno glassworks will reach more than 100 airports in Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.