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update: June 01, 2023

Top attractions in Toronto - what to see?

Although Ottawa is Canada's most important city, it is Toronto's attractions and sights, its history and its importance to the country's economy that make the metropolis on Lake Ontario the cultural and economic capital of the country. Discover Toronto and learn about its most interesting attractions. Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, this city is full of fascinating places just waiting to be discovered!

What tourist attractions in Toronto to see?

Nathan Phillips Square - The beating heart of the city and an amazing attraction in Toronto

We start our list of must-see attractions in Toronto with Nathan Phillips Square. The heart of the city beats in the square that bears the name of the popular politician and mayor from 1955-61. Just as decades ago, it is from here that the metropolis is governed today. This is Canada's largest city square, where outdoor exhibitions, concerts and food markets are held in summer and the ice rink opens in winter. Here you will find the majestic, neo-Gothic old city hall from 1899, which stands out for its pretty exterior with a tower and lots of decoration. In its tall clock tower hang bells, the largest of which is called Big Ben and weighs more than 5 tonnes. Next to it stands the modern and heavily space-dominating edifice of the new town hall from 1965, which looks as if it is made up of two blocks shaped like swirling sails. Among the modern buildings, the old town hall looks like a visitor from another world.

Nathan Philips Square, sttractions in Toronto

Intriguing sights of Toronto

The same architect who designed Casa Loma is responsible for the look of the old city hall. It is a neo-Gothic castle from the early 20th century, which you might consider one of Toronto's more intriguing sights. He used dark medieval European castles as his inspiration. Inside the interiors, which are open to the public, you'll find interesting furniture and quite a few works of art. The building is surrounded by pretty and well-kept gardens so you can breathe in the greenery. Close to the old town hall is the new town hall, which contrasts with it in an interesting architectural style because it was built in a modern style. Are you interested in this monument? Choose to fly to Toronto and see it for yourself!

Toronto's attraction City Hall

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Discover Toronto's oldest fortress - Fort York

Notable among Toronto's oldest sights is Fort York, an early 19th century fortification that guarded the entrance to the harbour. It's not particularly spectacular and consists mainly of earthen ramparts and a few wooden and brick barracks buildings, but it's very nicely adapted and you can see interesting exhibitions on such things as weapons or Canadian history.

Check out Toronto's unusual attractions in the scenic Yorkville neighbourhood

An unusual place in the city is the Yorkville district. Once a separate town, it was later a neighbourhood that attracted residents with more affluent wallets. You can still sense the spirit of wealth today. Just step into one of the world's most expensive streets, Bloor Street. It is filled with tall buildings from the second half of the 20th century, which look at their reflections in the reflective glass, while the ground floors house boutiques of the world's biggest designers and most exclusive brands. There are also showrooms and design studios. However, if you step a little away from this street you will find small traces of the old world in the form of small but elegant Victorian houses from the 19th century that sit at the foot of much younger office buildings.

A view of Toronto's affluent neighbourhood attractions

Toronto's top attraction - the Royal Ontario Museum

Founded in 1912, the Royal Ontario Museum is the largest museum in Canada and one of the top tourist attractions in Toronto. Here you will see thousands of exhibits ranging from natural history to world cultures, including Indian totems and other aboriginal objects, a lot of art from ancient to modern times, arts and crafts, but also dinosaurs, rocks, minerals and meteorites. And if you are interested in the Far East, one of the world's largest collections of objects from China and Japan awaits you here. Don't pass by the architecture of the museum indifferently. It is made up of two parts, with a later super avant-garde and deconstructivist building added to the stable one built at the beginning of the 20th century.

This attraction is not to be missed! - Hockey Hall of Fame

Since hockey is Canada's most popular sport and the national team is almost sacred, top attractions in Toronto include the Hockey Hall of Fame, a hall of fame and museum telling the story of ice hockey's history, biggest stars and most notable achievements. 

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