Where to fly in October? 5 ideas for your dream holiday!

Update date: 30 August 2023 | Reading time: 4 minutes 

Autumn weather does not have to be gloomy and monotonous. Take a break and enjoy the moment in some of the world's most beautiful destinations. Magical sights, great food and intriguing culture await you. Sunny Nice, magical Prague or perhaps distant Toronto?  Find your dream holiday destination in October today!

Where to fly on holiday in October?

1. Holidays in October in Warsaw

A city with the highest skyscraper in the European Union, focused on development and modernity, with a unique culture and climate. The perfect place for a trip and autumn vacation - Warsaw! Choose the capital of Poland and spend a unique holidays here in October. The autumn period is a great time to explore the capital and enjoy an active vacation. The charm of the city, fewer tourists and inspiring places make the Polish capital the perfect idea for an October vacation!





Start your adventure in the heart of Poland with a tour of the picturesque Old Town, where you'll sample delicious Polish cuisine. Then head to the Royal Castle, from where you'll take a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście. For a panoramic view of the city, use the observation deck on the bell tower of St. Anne's Church or head to the University of Warsaw Library. Spending time in October, it's a great time to explore the capital's moving history and culture. Be sure to visit the National Museum, the Zachęta National Gallery of Art and the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Also head to the Copernicus Science Center and see the interactive exhibitions and science exhibits.

Autumn vacation is a great time to relax in the parks and gardens of the capital! The pleasant aura, and the unique colors of nature, are sure to add to the charm of your vacation in October. Head to the Lazienki Krolewskie Park, which are a great place for a stroll among romantic alleys and gardens. Be sure to visit the Saxon Garden as well, and see for yourself the soldier's changing of the guard at the Tomb to the Unknown Soldier. Also head to one of the waterfront pubs on the banks of the Vistula River and take a photo under the symbol of the capital - the Mermaid of Warsaw.

2. Autumn holidays in Tokyo

Dreaming of a magical vacation in October, surrounded by autumn leaves? Tokyo, the pulsating capital of Japan, offers unique attractions that will delight you with their colors and atmosphere - especially at this time of year! Start your adventure with a visit to Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, where the autumn leaf palette contrasts wonderfully with the modern city. It's a great place to relax and stroll among nature. In addition, autumn is the perfect time to explore Japanese culture. With that in mind, head to the Kiku Festival, dedicated to chrysanthemums, a symbol of autumn in Japan. Wander through gardens full of colorful flowers and be seduced by Tokyo's magic





What to do in Tokyo while on vacation in October? Visit the quiet Yanaka district, immerse yourself in local flavors at the Tsukiji Outer Market and don't forget to pay a visit to the Imperial Palace Complex in the Chiyoda district. In autumn, the surrounding trees and bushes turn warm shades of orange and red, hence it will be a great place to take a long walk and commune with nature. 

As you can see, a vacation in October in Tokyo is a real feast for the senses. So don't give a second thought to where to fly in October and book your tickets to Tokyo.

3. October holiday in Copenhagen

Plan a vacation in October in Copenhagen! Head to Andersen's city and discover its charm by spending time at Tivoli Gardens. Stroll along Nyhavn, the city's main street, which is sure to delight you with its row of colorful townhouses. It is here that you will relax and unwind while sipping coffee in one of the many cafes. See the statue of the Little Mermaid, a character from Andersen's fairy tale, which attracts tourists each year from all over the world.





Head to Rosenborg, the former royal residence of the Oldenburg dynasty, which is one of the most recognizable sights in the country! Marvel at the city skyline from the top of Rundetaarn and learn about Denmark's history at the Danish National Museum. Also near Nyhavn is the Marble Church, an 18th-century Baroque temple whose dome is modeled after that of the Vatican. Fancy something tasty? Try the local delicacies at the Torvehallerne market! Copenhagen is an excellent vacation destination, so if you don't yet know where to fly for a vacation in October, be sure to consider it.

4. On holiday in October to Stockholm

Where to fly for vacation in October? Good question... How about Stockholm? The capital of Sweden has many interesting places to offer, and you certainly won't be bored! See the royal glitz and splendor at the Royal Stables, be enchanted by antique carriages and automobiles belonging to members of the royal family.





Be sure to visit the lively Norrmalm Island with its numerous stores, cafes, restaurants and a good dose of culture. The island is also home to the Royal Opera House, the City Theater and a concert hall! Are you familiar with the band Abba? On Norrmalm you'll be transported back to the crazy 1970s and see a muezzum entirely dedicated to Sweden's most famous band. Learn about their history, see unconventional costumes and places associated with them! Do you like to use public transportation? Moving around the city, you will definitely pay attention to the subway stations that look like works of art!

5. Where to relax in October? In Oslo!

Beautiful landscapes, autumn colors and a unique climate - plan your vacation in October in Oslo. The capital of Norway, in autumn looks exceptionally picturesque. Learn about Norwegian culture, taste the local cuisine and visit the most popular sites.  Start your trip with a visit to Vigeland Park, where the autumn forest and Gustav Vigeland's impressive sculptures add charm and atmosphere. Also see the Oslo Opera House, a modern building that blends in with the city's unique landscape. 





While you're here, head to the Munch Museum, where you'll find a collection of works by renowned artist Edvard Munch. To experience the city from the inside, head to Karl Johans Gate, the city's main boulevard, where you'll find many pubs and restaurants. Also visit the Grünerløkka District, where a unique atmosphere mixes with modern style. Your eyes are sure to be drawn to the original colorful murals and buildings, reflecting the atmosphere and style of local artists.  

Immerse yourself in the flavors at Mathallen, the famous food zone, where you'll sample traditional Norwegian delicacies. Savor delicious meats, cheeses and fresh seafood. You can't leave Oslo without a visit to Ekeberg Hill. It offers a beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding fjords. It's a great place to walk and relax among nature.  

Plan a unique vacation in October in Oslo and enjoy a memorable getaway in Norway's capital city!

Plan your autumn holiday just the way you like it! Take advantage of the best offers and find a date convenient for you. Holidays in October are waiting for you!

Already know where to relax in October? Get inspired for the months ahead!

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