Procedures and Instructions

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  • In accordance with IATA regulation RP1735 carrier may allow Travel Agents to exchange and/or refund tickets issued on its behalf in the event of schedule changes and flight cancellations, both can be made in advance and shortly before departure.

    Overriding conditions regarding irregularities:

    • A ticket stock change is not allowed.
    • This guidelines is valid for individual reservations and does not apply to group bookings.
    • Non-compliance with the rules of this policy may result in an ADM.
    • In the event of cancellation of a LO flight, the Travel Agent may change the booking without LO authorization to another operational LO flight, keeping the original itinerary. Refunds due to cancellation of a LO flight do not require authorization.
    • Cases such as significant schedule change, Travel-in-vain, code-share flight disruption and others require LO authorization (wavier code)

    SCHEDULE CHANGE - any modification to the operation of a flight e.g. flight delay, flight cancellation.

    • SKCHG: Planned or long term schedule change. The interruption has occurred earlier than one calendar day prior to the scheduled departure day of the first impacted Flight.
      IRROP: Unplanned or short term schedule change. The interruption has occurred on the day of departure of the first impacted flight, or the day prior.
    • In case of involuntary change Passenger has the right to one free of charge rebooking. Any further change after the one-time free of charge rebooking is subject to the original fare conditions.
    • In the event of a disruption of the LO flight, the agent changes the booking while maintaining the original booking class, travel route and ticket stock. In addition to the involuntary ticket exchange, it is obligatory to add to the PNR information about the type of disturbance in OSI element:
      OSI LO INVOL (flight number) (date) for IRROP disruption or,
      OSI LO SKCHG (flight number) (date) for SKCHG disruption

    Characteristic features of the Involuntary ticket:

    Correct coupons must have the Open status to exchange be possible;
    The exchange is free of charge, no additional fees or taxes are charged;

    • Must be shown:
    • in the Fare Basis – the same Fare Basis as in the original ticket,
    • in the Baggage Allowance – the limit from the original ticket,
    • in the Fare calculation – Fare Calculation from the original ticket preceded by the letter I- or S- (I- for changes in the short term – IRROPS, S- for changes in advance – SKCHG),
    • in the Fare – the fare value from the original ticket,
    • in the Tax – all taxes from the original ticket with the Old/Paid designator,
    • in the Total – value 0.00 / NO ADC,
    • in the Endorsement / Restrictions – put the following entry:
      • INVOL (flight number) (date) for IRROP disruption or,
      • SKCHG (flight number) (date) for SKCHG disruption

    In case of completely unused tickets, the exchange should cover all the coupons shown in the ticket, not only those related to disrupted flights.
    In case of partially used tickets, the exchange should cover all coupons that apply to the remainder of the trip.

    Detailed information regarding this procedure can be obtained by contacting LOT Agent