Environmental actions taken by LOT

LOT Polish Airlines implements the policy of a socially responsible firm under the Destination ECO project, having in mind the growing importance of pro-environmental attitudes worldwide and the expectations of its passengers. 

Actions we take as an airline focus on three main areas:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions,
  • the search for alternative, sustainable aviation fuels and projects compensating for CO2 emissions,
  • reduced use of objects made of non-biodegradable materials and recycling

We continue to improve our fleet and optimise air operations

  • We replace our fleet with modern and costeffective aircrafts. Thanks to Dreamliners, in the last three years, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have been reduced by over 127.000 tons! The Boeing 737 MAX 8 provided emissions lower by more than 26 thousand tons of CO2;
  • We optimise the routing of flights on the basis of modern software and invest in modern software for data analysis and flight planning; 
  • We use external sources of energy in airports (GPU) instead of using fuel (APU). Thanks to use of these procedures, from January to October 2021 -  we have reduced 1302 tons less of CO2;
  • After landing, we carry out taxiing operations on one engine . In the last three years, it was reflected in lower CO2 emissions – by over 2.5 thousand tons;
  • Climb and landing parameters are precisely adjusted. Starting from this procedure implementation, we have reduced the amount of CO2 by more than 2.000 tonnes;
  • We calculate the aircraft’s centre of gravity resulting on reduced fuel consumption,
    which in turn resulted in lower CO2 emissions by over 17.000 tonnes;
  • We take care to clean the fuselage and engines regularly; 
  • We pay attention to aircraft weight reduction. We have replaced the paper form of storing data necessary for crews EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), which reduces CO2 emissions
    by approx. 105 tons per year. Our aircraft weight less thanks to lighter catering trolleys. This will result in 1.123 tonnes less CO2 entering the atmosphere each year;
  • We adjust our fuel consumption according to flying conditions. These precise calculations have enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions by 7.000 tonnes.
Widok z pokładu samolotu na winglet z logiem LOT na tle pól i lasów
© Kamil Wrzosek

The CO2 offsetting programme is yet another of LOT's responses to the climate challenges facing the entire aviation industry today. We have been consistently introducing environmentally-friendly solutions that reduce CO2 emissions, not only by investing in a modern fleet.

In the last two years, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 7 percent just by changing internal procedures, including the introduction of single-engine taxiing after landing and optimization of flight routes. We carry out pro-environmental actions, which minimize our impact on the ecosystem, together with our employees, contractors and suppliers.


Widok z lotu ptaka na lotnisko z widocznymi samolotami LOT, w tle zachmurzone ale jasne niebieskie niebo
© From the Sky

We introduce appropriate procedures for our crews to reduce fuel consumptions

  • Fuel bulletin – we regularly communicate to crews the recommended ways to execute operations focusing on fuel efficiency and information on additional fees at airports and on the costs of operations.
  • Airport Briefing – we supply pilots with detailed and as current as possible data that allow them to prepare for their flights better and to have appropriate quantities of fuel planned.
  • Fleet Chief Pilot Fuel Report – we supply Fleet Chiefs with the information about reduced fuel consumption and related potential improvement areas.
  • Fuel efficiency platform – we develop data for pilots containing selected initiatives of the fuel policy 
  • Fuel Committee – we organise regular meetings of the Committee to identify and introduce optimum fuel solutions.
  • We cooperate with aircraft and engines producers taking action and providing solutions to use fuel more effectively.
Eco Destination

LOT working for the Ecosystem


We recreate habitats of the common crane in the Starogard Forest Division.

The purpose of our joint project is to improve retention capacities of forest areas by refilling former water reservoirs. Thanks to them, CO2 absorption by surrounding forests will increase. They will also provide appropriate conditions for the common crane (Grus Grus) to nest and raise its offspring. Additionally, they will help increase the variety of many other species of birds and fish occurring in the Starogard Forest Division and prevent the effects of droughts thanks to the reconstruction of underground waters.

Eco Destination

We take care of the environment with our passengers


  • We replaced paper magazines with electronic press, so that within two years 445 tons of CO2 less were released into the atmosphere.
  • We stopped using plastic cutlery and straws and we introduced collective packaging.
  • Paper towels we use are environment-friendly, made of recycled materials.
  • We replaced plastic packages for earphones with biodegradable materials made of starch, which reflected in 1 ton less plastic usage in a year.
  • We introduced pro-environmental solutions relating to materials used on board, including dishes and packaging of accessories available during the flight.
  • We continue to work on new initiatives in regards to pro-environmental solutions on board.
Eco Destination

Our idea is to bring environmentally friendly products on board and reduce plastic consumption.

We are continuously working with our business partners to implement further initiatives in the form of environmentally friendly products and services on board our aircraft.

With the introduction of the e-press service, we have increased the availability of titles for our passengers. Titles are available on the mobile app as early as 36 hours before departure and 6 hours after landing. This has not only reduced the amount of waste left behind after a flight and the weight of in-flight products, which translates into fuel consumption, but also eliminated the problem of morning press availability for our passengers. Combined with the absence of foil to protect press packs, this has reduced paper consumption by 135 tonnes per year and reduced CO2 emissions by almost 500 tonnes per year.


biurowiec LOT, jego szklana powierzchnia z logiem, wokół zielone drzewa

Lot in the workplace

Eco Destination

We have the green office certificate that imposes the following requirements on us:

  • waste segregation and reduction of its quantity,
  • water, energy and paper savings every day,
  • education and encouraging our workers to take environment-friendly initiatives,
  • giving particular attention to actions compliant with our environmental policy.​

Partnership for climate certificate

  • The “Partnership for Climate” project was initiated in the summer 2008​ as a platform for the cooperation and support of events accompanying ​ the 14th Climate Change Conference COP 14 in Poznań (Poland).​ The program currently has about 30 members.

determines the level of involvement of all companies participating in the NAtional Forest project.

  • We take part in the development, commenting, promotion and implementation ​ of social, educational and scientific projects.
  • We take part in educational projects that promote the idea ​of environmental protection.
  • Our goal is to become climate neutral by 2050 as per the resolution adopted ​by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Eco Destination

LOT supports global initiatives

We support initiatives striving to reduce CO2 emissions and acquire alternative aviation fuel

  • Single European Sky management system
    We support the system whose goal is to improve the effective use of air space ​and airports in all parts of Europe as well as to optimise the network of connection ​and reduce flight times. The introduction of a single system for the management ​of European air space will make the additional reduction of about 16 million CO2 ​possible for Europe.
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel
    We have been participating in the IATA Alternative Fuel Symposium since 2016 ​and belong to the IATA Fuel Data Standards Group. We actively search ​for opportunities to acquire sustainable alternative aviation fuel and support all initiatives to launch its production in Poland.
  • Star Alliance Sustainability Committee
    We are a member of the Committee that plays a material role in the global transformation of the aviation industry.​
widok z lotu ptaka na ośnieżone górskie szczyty, na pierwszym planie widoczny silnik samolotu
Dwa samoloty tecnam lot flight academy lecące obok siebie na tle czystego nieba za dnia

What can we do together?

We make it possible for each of our passengers to make a voluntary contribution to compensate for the carbon footprint. You can just declare your willingness to do it at the final stage of your ticket purchase. The related income is spent for the implementation of environmental projects.

Eco Destination

When buying an air ticket, you can pay a voluntary fee to compensate for the carbon footprint.